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My Type Of Cake

A Stunning Chocolate Book Cake By Serdar Yener! Source: He has his own website online Serdar posts a cake art tutorial on Utube every Tuesday. He is a gifted artist.  

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Being Arty

  This is how I relax I listen to music, write , craft or make art. At the moment I am not doing much writing so I am concentrating on my art. It is getting dark early so I am … Continue reading

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Mandala Stone Tutorial – So Simple

This would be a great summer art project for the kids. Bring a freezer bag the next time you go to the beach. Let the kids collect stones and then paint them at home and place in the garden. It … Continue reading

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The Book of Kells

Title: The Book of Kells Publisher: Ireland Of The Welcomes, Online Full Text & Source: Online, The Internet, 17/3/2018 Sample Text: The Book of Kells, one of great treasures of medieval Europe, is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in … Continue reading

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Literary Memes

Ironic Can’t Find The Words He Is Looking For So He Invents Them Hey Girl I Hear You Like Iambic Pentameter! 😉 I Think I Will Write A Love Story  & In It Every One Dies Shakespeare’s Bear! …ha  

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Bad Hair day! Ignore The Haters Check Out My Legs! Too Many Updates Our Mona Lisa Through The Years But You Didn’t! Poker Face! Portrait Mr Bean At The Art Gallery Mr.C. Norris The Hard Old Days Please Tell Me … Continue reading

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Such Wealth & Beauty In Rome…..

There are many free guides to Rome online. One of them is  – Rome Guide Online: It was a busy, walking holiday but I really enjoyed it. There is so much to discover and everywhere is quicker on foot … Continue reading

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