Irish Poems & Translations

Title: Index of Poems and Translations

Author: Maureen Filk

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The Internet, Online, 31/10/2014

Sample Text:

Praise poems:
Mo-chean do theacht, a sgadáin/My love for coming, herring!
— Praise poem for a herring, during Lent 🙂

Love poems:
Mairg darab galar an grá/Love is a sad sickness
— A woman’s love poem
I mbrat an bhrollaigh ghil-se/In [her] cloak, the bright breast
— Love and a cloak brooch

A Mhuireadhach, meil do sgín/Muireadhach, it’s a waste of knife
— A king and a poet become monks

Dubhach sin, a dhúin na ríogh/That gloominess, oh fort of the kings

Folamh anocht Dú Chearmna/The Fort of Cearmna is empty tonight
— Two lament/warnings from a widowed queen

Tabhás do Lugh, leannán Teamhra/It was revealed to Lugh, Temuir’s lover
— Retelling Irish mythology

Mo-chean do theacht, a sgadáin/My love for coming, herring!
— Funny praise poem for a herring in Lent

Ionmhuin sgríbhionn sgaoiltear sunn/Dear little piece of loose-tongued writing here
— Letter to a boy in exile who will be clan head

O áite doimhne bhéic mé/From the deep place, I shout
— Resinging Psalm 130

Moladh daoine is dó is moladh/Praise of people, and you, is praising the Spirit
— Poetry is the foundation of Irish society

From University Library of Cambridge MS 3082:
(translation by James Carney, introduction to _Poems of the O’Reillys_)

And let everyone who shall read these poems that I have written here and on the paper, give a blessing upon the souls of the people for whom they were made. And let him not forget to pray for the writer. That is enough.

Medieval Irish Poetry Links

Medieval Irish and Scottish Literature

Actual Literature Online

The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúalnge), including an Old Irish pronunciation guide and pictures of the manuscript; and
The Story of Mac Dathó’s Pig, both prepared by Steven Taylor. What a webmaster!
Chronicle of the Picts and Scots
Lebor Gabala Erren (The Book of Leinster) and the Milesian Legends
The Annals of Ulster
Banseanchus by Giolla Mochuda Mor Ó Caiside
CELT: Irish Language Texts
The Annals of the Four Masters — Currently CELT has the following volumes online: 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
The Annals of Tigernach
The Annals of Connacht
The Egerton Annals: Mionnannala
Cathréim Cellacháin Caisil (The Battles of Cellachan of Cashel)
Aimirgin Glúngel tuir tend by Gilla in Chomded Ua Cormaic
Tuan mac Cairill ro clos
“The circuit of Ireland by Muirchertach mac Néill”, Author unknown, c. 1156-1166.
Tréide cétna labratar iarna genemain LL and YBL.
In tan no théigmis don dáil
The Colloquy Between Fintan and the Hawk of Achill

Manuscripts and Images Online

Images from the Book of Kells

Information and Adaptations

The Ulster Cycle Patrick Brown’s nice compilation.
The Cattle Raid of Cooley Online Comic by Patrick Brown. What a cool concept! I always thought The Hound of Culann’s transformation sequence was anime-worthy, myself.

Patrick Bladey’s collection of tales.


The Morrigan and her Germano-Celtic counterparts, a dissertation.

Literary History

The Cassidy Poets, including part of the Banseanchus by Giolla Mochuda Mor Ó Caiside

Links Page

The Digital Medievalist: Medieval Irish Language and Literature Excellent links and information site for medieval studies.
ORB Bibliography of Old Irish and Early Christian Ireland
Wright’s Bibliography of Old Irish and Early Christian Ireland
Mirror of Wright’s bibliography

Medieval and early Irish music

Gaelic Harps and Harpers with many excellent pictures.

Altramar’s “Crossroads of the Celts” concert notes

Medieval Celtic Literature

1995 Robert ap Huw Symposium i

Greg Lindahl’s online facsimile of the ap Huw manuscript. Bless the man.

Medieval Verse Forms, Modern Poets



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