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Old Ireland Was No Country For Women

Some poor Irish women of the past suffered much so we could own property, vote, earn a living and live the life we want. Thank-you brave ladies. We still have not got pay and promotion equality or even even representation … Continue reading

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Ireland Has Repealed The 8th Amendment – 66.4% Yes

World trust The People Of Ireland That Will Not Be Baby Killers. We could no longer bury our heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to  the women and girls traveling alone in the boat to the UK … Continue reading

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St.Patrick’s Day – A Day When The Whole World Celebrates The Irish Culture

Date: 17th March (Every Year) St.Patrick’s Day Website: Title:St. Patrick and Identity Author: National Museum, Ireland Full Text & Source: St. Patrick and the symbols associated with him have been used to emphasis Irish identity and can been … Continue reading

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You’re Irish When You Have No Idea How To Make A Long Story Short

Wait until I tell you the news, boil the kettle and sit down! – so me 🙂 If talking was an Olympic sport I would bring a gold medal home for Ireland! 😉

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7th Irish Red Head Convention 2016

The 7th Irish Red Head Convention took place this year in Crosshaven, 19th-21st and once again was a great success.Ireland has the second highest proportion of redheads at 10%, but up to 40% are believed to be carriers of the … Continue reading

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Disturbing – HSE Failed Our Vulnerable Citizens!

Title: Ministers recommend Commission of Investigation into foster home allegations Author: RTE News Full Text & Source: The Internet, Online, 19/07/2016 Sample Text: Two ministers are recommending that the next government establish a statutory Commission of Investigation into events in a … Continue reading

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1916 Celebrations At Fort Camden Was A Great Success

  It was a huge success , greatly supported by the local community and organised by a mass of volunteers. We had a brilliant weekend. A huge thank-you to all involved.#proudtobeIrish Cara O’Sullivan At Fort Camden

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