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HSE’s Savita Halappanar Report

The Savita Halappanar Report by Annette J Dunlea A HSE investigation undertook to provide a methodical, accurate and impartial report on the events which took place between the 21 st of October and the 28th of October, 2012 relating to … Continue reading

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Lets Protect The Young And Old Of Ireland

Let’s Protect The More Vulnerable Members Of Our Society By Annette J Dunlea Recent media reports have highlighted some sad oversights in our society. There was talk of kids in creches being screamed at and handled roughly, our need for … Continue reading

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Back To Basics: Need Not Want Rules

Back To Basics: Need Not Want Rules By Annette J Dunlea Published In the Carrigdhoun Newspaper May 2013 p.18 Back to basics may seem a bit hippy dippy but with the austerity measures and new taxes and bills coming online … Continue reading

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Irish Charities

Inside Irish Charities: Some Interesting Facts by Annette J Dunlea Published In The Carrigdhoun Newspaper 8th June 2013 p.18 What do we know about Irish charities? 59,600 directors serve on the boards of Irish nonprofit companies. Board membership in the … Continue reading

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