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Irish & Proud 💚💚💚💚

90% of your sick days happen to be Monday. Tool = Idiot. Go on, go on, go on, go on = Drink the tea, or fear her wrath. Tea solves all of your problems Everything is just grand (or it will be … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love

I watched the movie of this, staring Julia Roberts. It is wonderful, now to read the book! If you are renting a dvd or looking for a weekend movie on Netflix I highly recommend this. After a divorce Elizabeth goes … Continue reading

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Literary Memes

Ironic Can’t Find The Words He Is Looking For So He Invents Them Hey Girl I Hear You Like Iambic Pentameter! 😉 I Think I Will Write A Love Story  & In It Every One Dies Shakespeare’s Bear! …ha  

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Bad Hair day! Ignore The Haters Check Out My Legs! Too Many Updates Our Mona Lisa Through The Years But You Didn’t! Poker Face! Portrait Mr Bean At The Art Gallery Mr.C. Norris The Hard Old Days Please Tell Me … Continue reading

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Laugh More!

“When life is easy, humor sparkles like diamonds on the smooth surface of the Sea. When life is hard humor is the life jacket that keeps us from going under” Barbara Johnson.

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Ha – Writers’ Pics

Selfies V Tagged Photos

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You’re Irish When You Have No Idea How To Make A Long Story Short

Wait until I tell you the news, boil the kettle and sit down! – so me 🙂 If talking was an Olympic sport I would bring a gold medal home for Ireland! 😉

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