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The Locket By John Montague

Sing a last song for the lady who has gone, fertile source of guilt and pain. The worst birth in the annals of Brooklyn, that was my cue to come on, my first claim to fame. Naturally, she longed for … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression

The Irish Constitution was enacted in 1937 and for the first time certain fundamental rights were set out in writing. The fundamental rights in the Constitution are generally set out in Articles 40-44 and cover such areas as: equality of … Continue reading

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What is Copyright?

Title: What is Copyright? Author: Irish Patent’s Office Full Text & Source: The Internet, Online, 19/09/2016 Sample Text: Copyright is the legal term, which describes the rights given to authors/creators of certain categories of work. Copyright protection extends to … Continue reading

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Amazon Free Delivery To Ireland – Books Over STG £25

Amazon Free Delivery Of Books There is an option to get books, over  (Sterling) £25 delivered free to Ireland, I did not know this until my niece Rosie told me. This is because the site does not do this automatically … Continue reading

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You’re Irish When You Have No Idea How To Make A Long Story Short

Wait until I tell you the news, boil the kettle and sit down! – so me 🙂 If talking was an Olympic sport I would bring a gold medal home for Ireland! 😉

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7th Irish Red Head Convention 2016

The 7th Irish Red Head Convention took place this year in Crosshaven, 19th-21st and once again was a great success.Ireland has the second highest proportion of redheads at 10%, but up to 40% are believed to be carriers of the … Continue reading

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