Best Books For Kids

Title:Best Books: Our Recommendations For Families

Author:Common Sense Media

Full Text & Source:

The Internet, Online, 25/07/2016

Sample Text:

lists of great books for kids

Award Winning Teen Books

Find great reads that have won the prestigious Michael J. Printz Award.

50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12

Sure-fire selections for kids and tweens.

Books That Inspire To Be Grateful

Fabulous family picks that inspire kids of all ages to give thanks.

Books About Imaginary Friends

The feelings are real — even when the friends are made up.

Books About A New Sibling

A new baby in the house changes everything. These books can help with the transition.

Bestselling New Books On Amazon For Teens & Kids


Stories about adopted kids that all kinds of readers can enjoy.


Relatable books about bullying for kids of all ages.

Survive Middle School

What’s so tough about sixth through eighth grade?

Alphabet Books

Picture books make learning your ABCs loads of fun.

Reluctant Readers

Turn kids into bookworms with page-turning tales.

Characters With Physical Disabilities

Kids can relate to characters facing all sorts of challenges.

Books With Characters Of Colour

It doesn’t have to be Black History Month, Chinese New Year, or Cinco de Mayo to find great reads featuring diverse characters.

Adventurous Princess

Not all princesses laze around the castle in a tiara. These strong girls love adventure and make their mark in the world.


Media that inspires kids to dream big. (science, tech, engineering and maths books)


Figure out whodunit in fun mysteries for kids, tweens, and teens.

Chapter Books

Stay up to date on which books are climbing the charts. NYT Bestsellers

Educational Books

These smart reads are sure to get young brains cooking.

Books About Libraries

“Check out” this list of our favorite library tales.

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Title: William Shakespeare Poems

Author: Linda Alchin

Full Text & Source:
The Internet, Online, 20/07/2016

Sample Text:
William Shakespeare is referred to as a Literary Genius and much of this praise is due to the wonderful words of his short sonnet poems and his extended poems as detailed on this page. He is the most widely read author in the whole of the Western World – his poems and quotes from poems are familiar to everyone. And yet when we think about Shakespeare we immediately we think of his famous plays and not his less famous poems. During the Bard’s lifetime dramatists were not considered ‘serious’ authors with ‘serious’ talent – but it was highly fashionable to write poems. Plays were for entertainment poems were for the elite! There was not even such a thing as a custom built theatre until 1576! Actors were common folk. Poets of the era such as Christopher Marlowe, Sir Philip Sydney, Sir Walter Raleigh were of the nobility and there poems are still enjoyed today. These poets had credibility and so did their poetry. William Shakespeare came from Yeoman stock – he lacked credibility – his poems would have helped with this problem !. The Bard did not give permission for one of his plays or his sonnets to be published. He was, however, happy to have his poems published. William Shakespeare has been attributed with the following poems:

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Disturbing – HSE Failed Our Vulnerable Citizens!

Title: Ministers recommend Commission of Investigation into foster home allegations

Author: RTE News

Full Text & Source:

The Internet, Online, 19/07/2016

Sample Text:

Two ministers are recommending that the next government establish a statutory Commission of Investigation into events in a foster home in the southeast.Minister for Primary Care Kathleen Lynch, supported by Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, made the recommendations in a statement this evening.Ms Lynch said: “We need to be precise and focused on the questions that remain unanswered. I strongly believe it is in the public interest that we establish the facts surrounding vulnerable people who were placed in this foster home.”……….

Earlier, Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan ordered an investigation by senior officers into allegations State employees may have acted in a criminal manner when placing vulnerable individuals with a foster family.In a letter to the commissioner last week, the Public Accounts Committee made allegations of possible criminal misconduct by State employees citing evidence that social workers had raised concerns inside the health service about placements in the home.It relates to the case of a young woman, known as ‘Grace’, who spent 13 years in a foster home despite it being subject to serious sex-abuse allegations.Earlier, Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan ordered an investigation by senior officers into allegations State employees may have acted in a criminal manner when placing vulnerable individuals with a foster family.In a letter to the commissioner last week, the Public Accounts Committee made allegations of possible criminal misconduct by State employees citing evidence that social workers had raised concerns inside the health service about placements in the home.It relates to the case of a young woman, known as ‘Grace’, who spent 13 years in a foster home despite it being subject to serious sex-abuse allegations…..

The Dáil committee had asked for the actions of the employees to be investigated for allowing vulnerable adults to remain in the home, despite concerns being raised.The TDs had also pointed to the HSE’s receipt of information on the foster family from UK authorities…

Earlier, Chairperson of the Irish Association of Social Workers Donal O’Malley said he is not confident there are enough safeguards in place to prevent another case like that of ‘Grace’ happening again……..

Mr O’Malley said the vast majority of foster care is excellent and has been vetted by both TULSA and the HSE.However, he said there were some unfortunate cases where foster carers were not suitable.Mr O’Malley said the caseloads of social workers were of serious concern and that children in care deserve the best of services but not all those children have a social worker.He said 92% of children in care have an allocated social worker but that still leaves a couple of hundred who do not have a dedicated social worker……

Comment: This is very sad and I find upsetting as I taught kids with intellectual disabilities for years. They are such trusting and loving people but they badly need protecting. People and kids with intellectual disabilities need independent advocacy, outside the Health Service Executive. Every person and child in foster care or residential care must have their own social worker. They should be whistle blower protection for health and care employees to help people in danger.Social workers’ heavy workloads needs to be addressed. These are our citizens, who the state failed.They had no voice, no one to help them and no way of escaping! Why wasn’t their family doctors, teachers, home-help, families, neighbours screaming for help??? God! it is sad that in modern society people look away and no-one at all wanted to get involved. Some people despite living all their lives in care had only a one page entry on their file, disregarded and ignored by their state for years. Who is going to be answerable for this? Will any one lose their jobs? It can not happen again! It is time to have a HSOC like GSOC for social workers, doctors, nurses and all health workers. It must be an independent statutory body.It is to review complaints of HSE and all healthcare staff: administration and medical.  It should examine state medical laws and procedures in relation to citizens’ rights. They should be able to conduct investigations and force individuals to present for interview and receive all state and health files. Full compliance should be mandatory.They should act as advocacy for those in foster or residential care, like a ward of court. 

We will never know the full extent or damage that has been done because of the time lapse and disabilities of the people involved but we can put in measures that it does not happen again.



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Exploring Aromatherapy

Title: Exploring Aromatherapy

Author: NAHA

Full Text & Source:

The Internet, Online, 17/07/2016

Sample Text:

Research & References

There is a wealth of valuable research on numerous essential oils as well as active components. NAHA will be posting various links to research articles here and even more (including actual articles we purchase for our members) in the members only area, so if you are not a NAHA member at this time, please consider joining! Here is a list of good research sites and articles to explore.

Research Sites

American Botanical Council
NAHA is a member of the American Botanical Council
At the American Botanical Council, we are passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs, medicinal plants. We are an independent, nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information for consumers, healthcare practitioners, researchers, educators, industry and the media.

The PubMed search system provides access to the PubMed database of bibliographic information, which is drawn primarily from MEDLINE and PREMEDLINE. In addition, for participating journals that are indexed selectively for MEDLINE, PubMed includes all articles from that journal, not just those that are included in MEDLINE. Finally, PubMed also provides access to the molecular biology databases included in NCBI’s Entrez retrieval system. It is expected that access to additional National Library of Medicine databases will be added in the future.

CAM on PubMed
CAM on PubMed, a database on the Web developed jointly by NCCAM and the National Library of Medicine, offers citations to (and in most cases, abstracts of) articles in scientifically based, peer- reviewed journals on complementary and alternative medicine. It contains 220,000 citations, has links to full text, and allows searchers to limit retrievals by publication type. Look for the Alerts and Advisories, treatment information, resources, links to other organizations (FDA, AHRQ, ODS etc.).

The PLANTS Database
The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories. It includes names, plant symbols, checklists, distributional data, species abstracts, characteristics, images, plant links, references, crop information, and automated tools. PLANTS reduces costs by minimizing duplication and making information exchange possible across agencies and disciplines.

An interactive, electronic herbal database – provides hyperlinked access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. It is an impartial, evidence-based information resource for professionals, researchers, and general public, provided by the nonprofit Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Science Direct
Science Direct is a leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books.

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Home Design Software – Planner 5D

Title: 5D Home Design Software

Author: Planner 5D

Full Text & Source:

The Internet, Online, 15/07/2016

Sample Text:

Create home design and interior decor in 2D & 3D without any special skills

Join a community of 4 052 669 amateur interior designers. Let our home design tool guide you through an effortless journey of creating floor and home plans, interior design and decor.

Use Planner 5D online tool to create detailed home plans & modern
interior design like a pro easily. Without any professional skills.

Follow 3 easy steps to create home design & interior decor:


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Passive House Building

Title:What is a Passive House?

Author: E.Spellman & Associates

Full Text & Source:

The Internet, Online, 14/07/2016

Sample Text:

A Passive House combines high level comfort with very low energy consumption.  A Passive House makes efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery ventilation to such a standard that conventional heating systems are virtually rendered unnecessary.

A Passive House enjoys a comfortable temperature winter or summer and much higher air quality than traditional construction.

A Passive House is a healthier house that controls dust and pollen associated with hay fever and other allergies. A Passive House controls humidity, eliminates mould and condensation which is associated with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. A Passive House does not have a specific construction method and can be constructed from any construction materials, even concrete!

What is so special about a Passive House?

1. Exceptional high level of thermal insulation.
2. Well insulated window frames and triple low-e glazing.
3. Thermal Bridge free construction, requiring a high level of design and drawing detailing.
4. Airtight building envelope – no draughts.
5. Healthier air quality with highly efficient heat recovery ventilation.
6. Better building quality.

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William Shakespeare Biography

Title:William Shakespeare Biography

Author: eNotes

Full Text & Source:

The Internet, Online, 13/07/2016

Sample Text:

It wasn’t his training: Shakespeare left school at age 15, and his contemporary Ben Johnson said Shakespeare had “little Latin and less Greek.” It wasn’t where he was born: Stratford is still a pretty small town even today. It wasn’t a long career: Shakespeare wrote all of his great works in about a twenty-five-year span and died relatively young at 52. It wasn’t even his story ideas: the Bard adapted almost all his plots from known sources. No, what’s impressive about Shakespeare is that his genius seems to have come from nowhere except himself. He penned comedies, tragedies, and lyric poems; and his mastery of language, character psychology, and emotion combined to make him the greatest writer in English……

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