Abode Of The Beloved By Kabir

Oh Companion That Abode Is Unmatched,
Where My Complete Beloved Is.

In that Place There Is No Happiness or Unhappiness,
No Truth or Untruth
Neither Sin Nor Virtue.
There Is No Day or Night, No Moon or Sun,
There Is Radiance Without Light.

There Is No Knowledge or Meditation
No Repetition of Mantra or Austerities,
Neither Speech Coming From Vedas or Books.
Doing, Not-Doing, Holding, Leaving
All These Are All Lost Too In This Place.

No Home, No Homeless, Neither Outside or Inside,
Micro and Macrocosm Are Non-Existent.
Five Elemental Constituents and the Trinity Are Both Not There
Witnessing Un-struck Shabad Sound is Also Not There.

No Root or Flower, Neither Branch or Seed,
Without a Tree Fruits are Adorning,
Primordial Om Sound, Breath-Synchronized Soham,
This and That – All Are Absent, The Breath Too Unknown

Where the Beloved Is There is Utterly Nothing
Says Kabir I Have Come To Realize.
Whoever Sees My Indicative Sign
Will Accomplish the Goal of Liberation.

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Love’s Secret By William Blake

Never seek to tell thy love,
Love that never told can be;
For the gentle wind does move
Silently, invisibly.

I told my love, I told my love,
I told her all my heart;
Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears,
Ah! she did depart!

Soon as she was gone from me,
A traveler came by,
Silently, invisibly
He took her with a sigh.

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A Divine Image By William Blake

Cruelty has a human heart,
And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine,
And Secresy the human dress.

The human dress is forged iron,
The human form a fiery forge,
The human face a furnace sealed,
The human heart its hungry gorge.

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In Guernsey – To Theodore Watts By Algernon Charles Swinburne

The heavenly bay, ringed round with cliffs and moors,
Storm-stained ravines, and crags that lawns inlay,
Soothes as with love the rocks whose guard secures
The heavenly bay.

O friend, shall time take ever this away,
This blessing given of beauty that endures,
This glory shown us, not to pass but stay?

Though sight be changed for memory, love ensures
What memory, changed by love to sight, would say -
The word that seals for ever mine and yours
The heavenly bay.


My mother sea, my fostress, what new strand,
What new delight of waters, may this be,
The fairest found since time's first breezes fanned
My mother sea?

Once more I give me body and soul to thee,
Who hast my soul for ever: cliff and sand
Recede, and heart to heart once more are we.

My heart springs first and plunges, ere my hand
Strike out from shore: more close it brings to me,
More near and dear than seems my fatherland,
My mother sea.


Across and along, as the bay's breadth opens, and o'er us
Wild autumn exults in the wind, swift rapture and strong
Impels us, and broader the wide waves brighten before us
Across and along.

The whole world's heart is uplifted, and knows not wrong;
The whole world's life is a chant to the sea-tide's chorus;
Are we not as waves of the water, as notes of the song?

Like children unworn of the passions and toils that wore us,
We breast for a season the breadth of the seas that throng,
Rejoicing as they, to be borne as of old they bore us
Across and along.


On Dante's track by some funereal spell
Drawn down through desperate ways that lead not back
We seem to move, bound forth past flood and fell
On Dante's track.

The grey path ends: the gaunt rocks gape: the black
Deep hollow tortuous night, a soundless shell,
Glares darkness: are the fires of old grown slack?

Nay, then, what flames are these that leap and swell
As 'twere to show, where earth's foundations crack,
The secrets of the sepulchres of hell
On Dante's track?


By mere men's hands the flame was lit, we know,
From heaps of dry waste whin and casual brands:
Yet, knowing, we scarce believe it kindled so
By mere men's hands.

Above, around, high-vaulted hell expands,
Steep, dense, a labyrinth walled and roofed with woe,
Whose mysteries even itself not understands.

The scorn in Farinata's eyes aglow
Seems visible in this flame: there Geryon stands:
No stage of earth's is here, set forth to show
By mere men's hands.


Night, in utmost noon forlorn and strong, with heart athirst and fasting,
Hungers here, barred up for ever, whence as one whom dreams affright
Day recoils before the low-browed lintel threatening doom and casting

All the reefs and islands, all the lawns and highlands, clothed with light,
Laugh for love's sake in their sleep outside: but here the night speaks, blasting 
Day with silent speech and scorn of all things known from depth to height.

Lower than dive the thoughts of spirit-stricken fear in souls forecasting
Hell, the deep void seems to yawn beyond fear's reach, and higher than sight
Rise the walls and roofs that compass it about with everlasting


The house accurst, with cursing sealed and signed,
Heeds not what storms about it burn and burst:
No fear more fearful than its own may find
The house accurst.

Barren as crime, anhungered and athirst,
Blank miles of moor sweep inland, sere and blind,
Where summer's best rebukes not winter's worst.

The low bleak tower with nought save wastes behind
Stares down the abyss whereon chance reared and nursed
This type and likeness of the accurst man's mind,
The house accurst.


Beloved and blest, lit warm with love and fame,
The house that had the light of the earth for guest
Hears for his name's sake all men hail its name
Beloved and blest.

This eyrie was the homeless eagle's nest
When storm laid waste his eyrie: hence he came
Again, when storm smote sore his mother's breast.

Bow down men bade us, or be clothed with blame
And mocked for madness: worst, they sware, was best:
But grief shone here, while joy was one with shame,
Beloved and blest.
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Interesting Article On Smart Contracts For Musicians

Title: The new music industry – Blockchain in action

Author: Gideon Gottfried, iMusician

Full Text & Source: http://www.imusiciandigital.com/en/blog/the-new-music-industry-blockchain-in-action/

The Internet, Online, 28/11/2015

Sample Text:

Remember our article titled “5 ways to take your destiny as an artist into your own hands”? It contained a quote by Fraunhofer IDMT’s Steffen Holly which said: “When musicians on the brink start using the existing technologies to move away from the industry instead of moving into it, only then will something new come into existence, something relevant.”

Simple, elegant, transparent

Well, that is exactly what is happening at the moment. Remember: the Blockchain is a decentralized database, completely transparent and able to process crypto currencies. All transactions that are done on this database are regularly sealed and archived until doomsday. Transactions not only refer to monetary exchanges. Almost any process can be written into the Blockchain in data form as a transaction, like digitally stamping files to prove one’s ownership or registering as a voter. The lack of a central entity, full transparency and crypto currencies: these three features alone can help solve virtually all of the challenges the music industry currently faces. And that’s not even talking about smart contracts yet………………..

read the article online…….

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Writers FM – Writers Radio

Title: Writers FM – The Only Radio Station Created By Writers For Writers

Author: Karl Moore

Full Text & Source: http://www.writersfm.com/writersfm/

The Internet, Online, 28/11/2015

Sample Text:

Writers FM is an online radio station created by writers, for writers — streaming LIVE 24/7.It broadcasts author interviews, writing prompts, upbeat music and mini mysteries throughout the day.

Writers FM is non-commercial and not for profit. It does NOT accept advertisements of any kind.

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Domestic Goddess Likes The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kindle

Kindle Fire HD 8 inch is ready to use right out of the box—no setup, no software to install, no computer required to download content.I want this for listening to my music and  updating my social media accounts  on the go and downloading books, of course. At home I will use it to stream Netflix.  https://www.netflix.com/ie/    (movie streaming)

Price: Currys €179

AMAZON Fire HD 8″ Tablet – 8 GB, Black
 Product Code: 147595
         Fire OS
  • 188 pixels per inch
  • MediaTek MTK8125 processor
  • Apps available from Amazon Marketplace
  • microSD card slot

(Smaller Version) Kindle HD Fire 6 inch €109 Argos

Key Features:

  • 1280×800 high definition LCD display with over one million pixels
  • Fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • Ultra-fast web browsing over built-in Wi-Fi
  • Robust e-mail and calendar support for Gmail, Outlook, and more

Additional Features:

Display:  7″ high definition touchscreen; 1280×800 resolution at 216 ppi, video playback up to 720p, with IPS (in-plane switching) technology, advanced polarizing filter, and anti-glare technology

Size: 7.5″ x 5.0″ x 0.42″ (191 mm x 128 mm x 10.6 mm)

CPU & RAM: 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU, with 1GB of RAM

Storage: 8GB (4.8GB available to user) or 16GB (11.9GB available to user) of internal storage

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of reading, surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music.

Charging: Fully charges in under 6 hours using the micro-USB power adapter included in the box, or slightly longer with other micro-USB power adapters that you may already have

Wifi: Dual-band, single-antenna Wi-Fi. Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security using password authentication; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks

CNet Review: http://www.cnet.com/uk/products/amazon-fire-hd-8/

Digital Trends Review Of It : http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/amazon-kindle-fire-tablets-2015-news

Engadet Review:http://www.engadget.com/products/amazon/kindle/fire/hd-7-inch/

ExtremeTech Review: http://www.extremetech.com/mobile/215258-amazons-new-kindle-hd-10-not-the-tablet-anyone-is-looking-for


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