Amazon Free Delivery To Ireland – Books Over STG £25

Amazon Free Delivery Of Books

There is an option to get books, over  (Sterling) £25 delivered free to Ireland, I did not know this until my niece Rosie told me. This is because the site does not do this automatically , you have to select free delivery at checkout. The books must be sold by Amazon UK. Terms & Conditions Apply, so I looked up their website to read all about it.

Amazon Website states:
Deliveries to the Republic of Ireland
Orders including £25 or more (including local VAT) of eligible items from any product category qualify for FREE Delivery. Items will be delivered 3-5 days after dispatch.
Eligible Items Ineligible Items
Items sold and fulfilled by Amazon.
Items sold by Marketplace sellers but Fulfilled by Amazon, excluding certain electrical items (where this is stated on the item’s product’s detail page).
Ineligible Items
Gift Cards.
Items sold and fulfilled by Marketplace Sellers.
Some items may be ineligible for FREE Delivery due to size or weight.
If your order doesn’t qualify for FREE Delivery, see International Delivery Rates & Times for more information.

Note: Changing your delivery address, speed, or preference might affect your order’s eligibility for FREE Delivery. If your order qualifies for FREE Delivery, you’ll still be charged a delivery fee for any ineligible items in the order.

If your order is for delivery to multiple addresses you can use our Multiple Address function. To qualify for FREE Delivery, the value of the delivery going to each address must meet the applicable minimum spend detailed above.

If you’ve placed an order using 1-Click, you have 30 minutes in which to go to Your Account and change the delivery option for the order to FREE Delivery.

If your 1-Click order doesn’t meet the minimum spend to qualify for FREE Delivery, you can place another order within 30 minutes and we’ll automatically consolidate the two. If the total order cost of the consolidated order meets the minimum spend detailed above, go to Your Account and change the delivery option for the order to FREE Delivery. It’s not possible to set FREE Delivery as your 1-Click default method.

Add-on Items are eligible for FREE Delivery as long as you meet the minimum spend detailed above. For more information about Add-on Items please see About Add-on Items.

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Promotional Books 3 for €10 At Tesco


Domestic goddess finds general fiction books on offer in Tesco, Mahon Point – 3 for €10.

They are €3.95 each or 3 for €10.

I bought these three:

1.Wild Mountain Thyme By Rosamunde Pilcher

Goodreads Reviews 3.76/5.00

2. Ellis Island By Kate Kerrigan

GoodReads Reviews 3.68/5.00

3. East Of The Sun By Julia Gregson

Goodreads Reviews 3.61/5.00




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‘Twas the night before school by Charles Gulotta

Poem By Charles Gulotta From Mostly Bright Ideas Blog:


‘Twas the night before school starts, and all through the town,
Not a teacher was sleeping, just thrashing around.
Thoughts of the classroom brought a tear to each eye,
And all of them wished it could still be July.

The students, meanwhile, were doing just fine,
Texting and talking and typing online.
Yet they, too, were longing for more fun and games,
And hoping to hear that their school was in flames.

But the building was ready, the windows were clean,
The desks were now free of the rude and obscene.
The floors were well-polished and the lockers repaired,
All was in order, no effort was spared.

The next day the students will mope and they’ll fuss,
And with backpacks and lunch bags will climb on the bus.
The Welcome back, everyone! announcement will blare,
And the bell for first period will begin the despair.

Hallways will fill with the dazed and perplexed,
For nobody knows where they’re supposed to go next.
As the masses move slowly, lost and encumbered,
They’ll silently curse how the rooms have been numbered.

But sooner or later the classes will start,
Algebra, history, English, and art.
Summer vacation will fade from their minds,
As another semester slowly unwinds.

Within a few days they’ll resume their routine,
The relaxed and the happy will grow grouchy and mean.
Instructors will gripe that the kids are all lazy,
Students will swear that their teachers are crazy.

Quizzes will take the class by surprise,
While films will just teach them to all shut their eyes.
Lectures are met by simple, blank stares,
Tests will result in complaints of “Not fair!”

Assignments and projects and homework forgotten,
Answers unclear and writing that’s rotten.
Pupils will wonder what that book was about,
Exams will be graded, report cards sent out.

And the months will fly by, every one of the ten,
Then suddenly June will return once again,
Causing all parents to feel sad and unsteady,
Shocked that it’s summer vacation already.

So let’s be glad as September approaches,
Our kids are returning to the teachers and coaches.
We say to them now, as their hearts fill with fear,
“Good luck to all, and to all a good year!”

Charles Gulotta
Mostly Bright Ideas

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A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything

a wise man

A wise man never knows all; Only a fool knows everything.


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You’re Irish When You Have No Idea How To Make A Long Story Short

no idea how to make a long story short

Wait until I tell you the news, boil the kettle and sit down! – so me🙂

If talking was an Olympic sport I would bring a gold medal home for Ireland!😉

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A writer is a world trapped in a person.

a writer is

‘A writer is a world trapped in a person.’Victor Hugo

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I’m A Hippy At Heart!


Don’t ask me for advice,you may end up in the desert,dancing naked with a bunch of Indians around a fire.

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