We Badly Need Privacy Laws For Social Media and Printed Materials


‘Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around’.

RIP Caroline Flack

An online petition calling for a review into the media after Flack’s death, is urging for new legislation dubbed “Caroline’s Law” to be implemented.

RIP Princess Diana… Well Done Meghan Walked Alive Away, Would Not Play Their Game!

The prevalence of bullying is hard to ignore.It s a grey area in the law and one that needs immediate attention. How sad it is that a 40 year old woman Caroline Flack took her own life after being haunted and abused online and by newspapers. This has gone too far, laws need to be changed. Too many people and school kids are committing suicide over nasty throlls acting as keyboard warriors. These people hide behind computers and insult and be little people. They say things they would never say face to face with that person. They are cowards.

This in the same year that Prince Harry and Meghan left the UK and took Archie to live in Canada. Again they had no privacy and false and racist stories were printed online and in print. Haunted by the murder of his mother Princess Diana by the media, Harry refused to be bullied by the press and walked away. That is appalling a prince forced to flee his land to protect his wife and child!!! Shame on The UK for not having strict privacy laws on false stories, online harassment and cyber bullying.  We need changes in our laws This should be considered  a serious crime punishable by : a fine, banning from all social media or jail. Words hurt too and can destroy a human being.

Bullies thrive on immediate power. They zero in on others who are vulnerable and who they feel are unlikely to retaliate, confront, or report them. These victims tend to be non-confrontational, passive, submissive, meek, or quiet. They might be on the fringes of or excluded from workplace cliques.Bullies might feel that their targets’ skilled competence throws a glaring spotlight on their own inadequacies, compelling them to bring the individual down a notch, perhaps even by sabotaging their work or spreading lies. Bullies want to elevate their own status within the world by pushing others down.The bully might act out of resentment and frustration. Responding assertively might not elicit an immediate response, but it might at least startle the bully and provide some food for thought. It could potentially ease the situation over time.

Bullies often have poor coping skills and tackle their insecurities by manipulating others to raise their own perceived self-importance.


“When will people understand that verbal abuse is just as serious as physical abuse? How many precious lives will it take to put an end to the hurt caused by cyber abuse?” “Sitting behind a computer gives people a sense of anonymity, but everyone needs to realize that words—even the ones they write online—have a strong power to hurt people.”

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. It’s a huge problem in the UK and Ireland and can have a catastrophic impact on victims.

Social media is unique because it creates a dynamic, time-sensitive record of bullying interactions as well as providing a context for discussions of bullying events that may have taken place earlier online or offline. Don’t suffer in silence, name and shame and call on your friends to speak the truth. A problem shared is a problem halfed. It is ok to say this is offensive and not true. Put the facts on public record. The ability to discuss bullying events on social media can enhance social support and help individuals cope.

Try your best not to be emotional. People who bully take pleasure in emotionally manipulating their victims. I want you to think about how you currently react to difficult people and those challenging situations. Now think about how you would like to feel, think and respond to future situations. Responding is different to reacting. When you respond you have preparedin advance the outcome in your mind. Begin with the end in mind. What is your end in mind? What outcomes would you like to see? Stand up for yourself, if you are being bullied then you should tell the person who is bullying you that their behaviour is unreasonable and inappropriate and you want it to stop. It’s all a dominance game. Keep your confidence in tact and don’t blame yourself. Acknowledge that this is not about you; it’s about the person who is doing the bullying.

Evaluate the situation objectively to see if the situation is bullying. Report it to Twitter, Facebook or their email provider. Research the rules on media bullying or newspaper printing. The have rules and you have rights. If it is serious threat or harassment report to the police. Talk to someone you trust. Don’t tolerate it. Get on with your life and get good exercise and food and 8 hours sleep a night. If you have to leave the social media forum and sue the newspaper or magazine.

words hurt

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5. Meghan Markle shares strong anti-bullying message weeks after slamming press scrutiny by Extra.ie

Source: https://extra.ie/2019/12/03/entertainment/celebrity/meghan-markle-anti-bullying-instagram

6. Caroline Flack, ‘Love Island,’ and the industry of outrage surrounding the star’s death .

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/17/media/caroline-flack-death-reaction-scli-gbr-intl/index.html

Sample Text:

She won a public vote to claim victory in “Strictly Come Dancing,” one of Britain’s most popular shows, and then helmed another breakout hit — “Love Island” — whose success relies heavily on its omnipresence on social media and on the homepages of tabloid news sites.

But that same environment ensured the lows of Flack’s career were as loudly amplified as the highs. Flack attracted criticism for dating a 17-year-old Harry Styles while she was 31. Years later, the details of the alleged assault in December on her partner, Lewis Burton, have been combed over online on an almost daily basis.

After she was charged, a front page of the Daily Star newspaper branded her “Caroline Smack,” while The Sun published and then deleted a story about a “brutal” Valentine Day’s card mocking her assault case.”She lived every mistake publicly under the scrutiny of the media,” Laura Whitmore, Flack’s friend and replacement as “Love Island” host, said on her BBC radio show the day after her death was confirmed. “To the press who demonize and tear down success: we’ve had enough.” Several commentators have compared the coverage to that of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
“We welcome the public outcry for change. What happened to Caroline Flack will happen to vulnerable people again and again, until the government acts,” Nathan Sparkes

7. ‘It chokes me’: Russell Brand compares Caroline Flack to Amy Winehouse by Hannah J Davies

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/feb/18/it-chokes-me-russell-brand-compares-caroline-flack-to-amy-winehouse

Sample Text:

Russell Brand goes on to condemn the “salacious, foaming, incessant poking, trolling judgment that chased her to the grave”, evoking Amy Winehouse and Jade Goody while also recognising the complex relationships between social media, the press and the public, and the need for human kindness to prevail. (“Our best hope is to build relationships and communities based on kindness, forgiveness and compassion, not easy values to maintain given the complexity within us and without us but Caroline’s death shows us that the alternative is just too sad to bear.”)


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Who By John FitzGerald

A light wind ruffles the river poplars,
rousing me from daydreams of gold and green;
when it reaches here, the beech leaves shiver
then settle back to this season’s regime
of warmth and silence and limitless time –
healing a body unused to this pace,
and with nothing to think of but how to find
more time to stow away in this place.
It moves through the woods, a secret spoken
by tree to tree, until it reaches the lane,
and from there, or thereabouts, half-woken,
a pigeon croons every now and again:
who? who is it? who-who, who is it?
who-who, who is it? who?

From Darklight (Book Of Poetry) by John FitzGerald. Published By Salvage Press, 2019

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War Hero Prince Harry Suffers Hard Brexit. A Birth Royal Treated Like A Divorcee.No Compassion From Family!



War Hero Prince Harry


In two years he has become a husband to Meghan and a father to his beloved Archie. He is so in love. He adores fatherhood.

Prince Harry wanted to be a good husband and loyal grandson to the Queen. To save his marriage and son he offered his wife and queen a compromise. He could not be in two places at once. He offered to split his time equally between the UK and Canada, his wife’s home and still in the British Commonwealth. He wanted to represent the royal family for free when at home to show he was still loyal to the Crown but he was not allowed. He got the ultimatum, you are in or out. He chose out. They cut off his money, took away his military honors and he cannot use his duke title nor can the duchess use her title. For the first time ever a royal has to pay back the millions paid to restore and conserve his old house. It should be noted knew that this old house conservation would cost a fortune and he did not want it. It was a wedding gift from The Queen. He asked the queen for an apartment in the palace. It was deemed not suitable for a prince. He was also worried about security as it was so near a public path.

The Royal Wedding

He swore an oath to be with his wife for better or worst in front of family and friends in a religious ceremony. The Queen is head of this church! He takes those wedding vows very seriously. Also in this two short years his life changed totally. He became a husband and father, to his beloved Archie, the joy of his life. Meghan and Archie are his family. He is responsible for Archie’s upbringing and safety for the next 18 years. We can all relate. Everyone would agree it would not be nice to live with the in-laws. In the Royal Family you do not just marry your husband, you marry the whole family and become a member of the Firm. It is a gold gilded cage.You have wealth but no liberty or freedom to be yourself and very little privacy. You are told how to dress, behave and what to say!! That is a nightmare to most of us.

How different he is from Prince William in personality and looks! Harry did not have a state wedding like his brother but a military wedding, no royalty or politicians but he opened the palace gates to the public, his charities, and thousands of soldiers who served with him. He asked for no gifts but for donations for Harry’s Heroes, the disabled vets, his brothers in arms and other chosen charities. He wrote stg £1.5 million cheque the day after his wedding to Harry’s Heroes Charity.  His wedding brought billions of pounds into the UK.


The world is shocked by the brutality of the Royal’s decision. Harry’s wife was struggling and he wants to keep his family happy and safe. Also, he did two tours of duty as a British soldier for the Queen. He earned his military titles. I don’t understand why anybody would serve abroad for the Queen after the way she treated , an army officer so cruelly, i.e. her grandson Colonel Harry. He won Top Gun Award for his flying. Unlike others, he did not abandon the British vets on his return and set up Harry’s Heroes to offer support and hope for army vets. He helped build the army vets homes. He struggled on his return home as he buried many army friends. After two tours of duty he was left with anxiety and vertigo and thus he lost his wings over his vertigo. His vertigo is so severe he cannot climb a ladder to change a light bulb. Also, there followed many attempts by Isis on his life at home in UK. At the UK riots he went out and defended the palace and the streets of UK and met staff and victims who were involved. When there was extreme weather conditions he went out and helped secure people’s personal safety and homes. Eaten bread is soon forgotten.He is a war hero. He has earned his military honors and medals. He has suffered a lot. He deserved his military honors back. He has earned them .His family treated him like a divorcee. They have dumped him, no love there!!


He gave endless speeches and public appearances. How sad, his friends and charity and sport associates have remained loyal to him but he was abandoned by his family. Baby Archie’s allowance was stopped. He is an innocent and a UK citizen who did nothing wrong and they are prepared to take the food out of his mouth!! His father said he would give his allowance for a year and they are solo. Why, he will always have huge income and soon we will have it The Crown. Why punish Archie, his grandson??? Does he not remember a heartbroken 12 year old Harry walk behind his mother’s funeral ceremony, murdered by the media. Since then I have a soft spot for Prince Harry. I believe no other royal would have had Harry’s courage to attend the Sandringham summit alone against The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and royal courtiers and walk away from the Royal Family for love.  He is totally in love with Meghan and he has walked away from a life of riches and privilege for love. It is so like Mrs.Simpson and King Edward VIII. Edward abdicated the throne. It is interesting they were both Americans and reared very differently. It is the land of hope and opportunity. You can become anything you want with hard work. They wore their hearts on their sleeves. How intolerant of others not to embrace other’s views and habits. Neither could adapt the stiff upper lip. Meghan said she was surviving but was not happy.

The press initially like Meghan but like Princes Diana they build her up to destroy her to sell papers. Harry was very hurt. His mobile phone was hacked and drones stalked him in his house. Photographers and press stalked him, following him everywhere he went, uninvited. As well all the papers posted lies and false stories. A bad situation was made worst By Meghan’s family trying to cash in on her success. She was devastated. It destroyed Harry to see her suffer and it was his fault. He made her give up her homeland, her acting job and her friends, her support network. Her whole life changed. Harry had being through this before and the media killed his mother. He could not allow this happen his wife and son. Her family lineage was linked back to slavery and the media spoke of inter racial marriage. She asked that people would see Harry and herself as two people in love.

Harry informed the royal family that his wife was struggling and wanted out. There was months of talks bearing no fruit. He had to force the issue. After a six week break they found normality and happiness and they were no longer going back to suffer in silence. Survival was not an option, they wanted to thrive. They wanted a happy home to raise their son. They both came home to tell the Queen, they would take no more they were leaving. Upon entering the UK he was told that the people of Sussex did not want them as duke and duchess. That was a personal insult. They were also informed that a radio presenter called his son a monkey because of his black roots. He has since been fired. Things began to spiral downward very quickly. Then the Daily Mail contacted him, his worst nightmare there was a leak and who told the media he was leaving.

Oct. 20, 2019: Meghan Interview Goes Global: “I never thought this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair.”Meghan On The British Media

He contacted his brother and father shortly before hand. The story was leaked to The Daily Mail and they were going to press. Harry was forced to go public. The royal courtiers would not allow Harry see The Queen. He deeply regrets any hurt caused to The Queen. Since then white vans have being seen at his cottage emptying the house of all his family’s belongings. A UK prince forced into exile by racist media and an non supporting family. The UK has failed their prince. Many international news agencies have asked why is Andrew still a HRH an publically funded while a war hero protecting his family is not???

Interesting Articles:

Author: Mark Lander, The New York Times

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/19/world/europe/harry-meghan-royal.html

2. Title: The backlash against Meghan and Stormzy shows that Britain is in denial about racism.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/26/uk/uk-meghan-stormzy-racism-denial-intl-gbr/index.html

The Internet, Online, 1/2/2020

Sample Text:

London (CNN)Prince Harry and his wife Meghan began a new life in Canada last week, having stepped down as senior royals and left the UK. The couple’s departure has forced a heated debate on a problem that many say the country is failing to face up to: racism.

People from ethnic minority backgrounds make up 19.5% of the population of England and Wales. But some people who identify with this community say that when they call out their experiences of racism, they are shut down. By white British people.
3.Title: Yes, the UK media’s coverage of Meghan Markle really is racist
Sample Text: The Internet, Online, 1/2/2020
The royal family is historically a white institution. And so when Markle, a biracial woman, became a member, some heralded it as “progress.” But in late 2016, the same year it was announced she and Prince Harry were dating, the prince put out a statement condemning the “wave of abuse and harassment” Markle had already been subjected to. That included “the racial undertones of comment pieces” and “the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.” Three years later, Markle talked about the difficulty of dealing with tabloid coverage more broadly, saying it had been “hard,” and that adopting “this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip” was difficult.
4.Title:Megxit Explained: Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Stepping Away From Their Royal Duties
Author:  Layla Ilchi, WWD
The INternet, Online, 1/2/2020


emptythroneI am changing my social media pics to show Harry’s empty royal chair in support of Harry. I Support Harry and Meghan.

Harry’s Empty Royal Chair. The monarchy is less wthout him. He could reach all: poor and rich.

#ISupportHarry #ISupportHarryandMeghan

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RIP Seamus Mallon

His Funeral Live


Interesting Article
Title: Tributes paid to ‘bridge builder’ Séamus Mallon at funeral
Author: RTE News
Source: https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2020/0127/1111117-seamus-mallon-funeral-sdlp/
Onine, The Internet, 29/01/2020

Sample Text: Séamus Mallon was a bridge-builder who dedicated himself to peacemaking, Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin has told mourners at his funeral. The former Northern Ireland deputy first minister and architect of the peace process died on Friday, aged 83.

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Your Diet

“Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around… be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.” Tiny Buddha

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Boris Wins UK Elections – Brexit Be Done!!

(LONDON) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged Saturday to repay the trust of voters in the working-class hearland of northern England who rejected the Labour Party and helped give him an 80-seat majority at this week’s election. Speaking to cheering supporters at a cricket club in Sedgefield — the constituency once held by Labour…

Shared From Time Magazine via U.K.’s Boris Johnson Visits Northern England to Celebrate Election Win With Supporters — World – TIME

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RIP Ulick O’Connor 1954–2019

Title: Writer and critic Ulick O’Connor dies aged 91

Publisher : RTE Online

Source: https://www.rte.ie/culture/2019/1007/1081602-ulick-oconnor/
The Internet, Online, 15/10/2019

Sample Text:
Writer, poet, historian and critic Ulick O’Connor has died at the age of 91.

Born in Rathgar in Dublin in 1928, O’Connor studied law and practised as a barrister for 15 years, before turning to writing fulltime. A prolific author and popular public speaker, as well as a member of Aosdána, his extensive oeuvre encompasses poetry, biography, literary history and criticism. ….

read full article online…

Published works


  • The Dream Box (1972)
  • The Dark Lovers (1975)
  • The Emperor’s Envoy (1976)
  • The Grand Inquisitor; Submarine; and Deirdre (Dublin 1977, New York 1980)
  • Execution (1985)
  • The Oval Machine (1986)
  • A Trinity of Two (1988)
  • Joycity (1989)
  • Deux de la Trinite (translated by Ramond Gerome, 1990).

Poetry collections

  • Lifestyles (1973)
  • Three Noh Plays (1980)
  • All Things Counter (1986)
  • One is Animate (1990)
  • Poems of the Damned (translations from Baudelaire’s Fleur du Mal, 1991).

Non-fiction and autobiography

  • “Irish Tales and Sagas” (1981)
  • “A Critic at Large” (1984)
  • “Biographers and the Art of Biography” (1990)
  • “The Ulick O’Connor Diaries, 1970-1981: A Cavalier Irishman (2003)

Biographical writings

  • The Times I’ve Seen:Oliver St. John Gogarty:A Biography (1963)
  • Brendan Behan (1970)
  • Celtic Dawn: Biography (1984)
  • All the Olympians: A Biographical Portrait of the Irish Literary Renaissance (1987)
  • Executions (1992)
  • The Troubles: Michael Collins and the Volunteers in the Fight for Irish Freedom 1912-22 (2001)
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