Report From IFLA: “Real Solutions to Fake News: How Libraries Help”

Title: Report From IFLA: “Real Solutions to Fake News: How Libraries Help”

Author: IFLA

Filed By: Gary Price

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The Internet, Online, 21/08/2017

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Freedoms of access to information and expression online are at risk. The spread of deliberately misleading information risks undermining confidence in the Internet, while heavy-handed reactions from authorities and platforms limit fundamental human rights.

For IFLA, neither of these solutions is desirable. When people are disconnected from the Internet, they risk losing access to the information and ideas that strengthen development and enrichen lives. IFLA developed its infographic on how to spot fake news as a simple yet effective tool to provide an alternative, based on conviction that education provides the best way to give users confidence, and governments no excuse for unnecessary censorship.

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OMG – I Want One #vwcamper

Volkswagen will revisit its Microbus history, but with a twist. The German automaker plans to begin production of a new, all-electric version of the its famous van. The extremely groovy vehicle, called the ID Buzz, won’t arrive in dealerships until 2022, VW said. The van will be part of Volkswagen’s planned ID line of electric…

via Far out: VW plans an electric hippie bus —

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Practice Driver Theory Test –

Title: Driver Theory Test Questions


Online, The Internet, 13/08/2017

Answer 50 questions and be graded

Sample Text:

What could happen if a driver parks on a footpath?
They could get a parking ticket
Pedestrians could be impeded  ✔
They could reduce the widthof the footpath
Question 1 of 50
There is also a section on Junior and Leaving Cert subjects
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Rudai 23: A New Online Course for Information Professionals

Title: Rudai 23

Author: The Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland

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Online, the Internet, 06/08/2017

The Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland is pleased to announce that a new free online course for information professionals will begin this September.

Rudaí 23 is an online, self-directed course based on the 23 Things program, delivered by a collaborative group of librarians and educators, in association with the Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland, and The Library Association of Ireland.The program consists of 23 modules which will be delivered free and online via our website. The course is divided into 4 sections with some optional modules. Participants can choose which sections to complete and earn up to 5 digital badges……

The course is certified by the Library Association of Ireland.This course will be of interest to information professionals who would like to learn more about using web tools for professional development and promoting your library…….

We are delighted to confirm that registration for Rudaí 23 will open on the 28th of August and the first module will begin on the 9th of September.

For more information email ……
read full article online……

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Stories of Anton Chekhov – Well Worth A Read

Title: Stories of Anton Chekhov

Author: Anton Chekhov

Translators: Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

Original Language: Russian

Publisher: Modern Library; 2000 edition

ISBN: 0553381008
ISBN: 978-0553381009


Publisher’s Page On Book:

Reviews On Goodreads: (5 stars – rated by readers)

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Waterstones Weekly – All Your Publishing News Online

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Waterstones Weekly


Best Books For Month Of July

Presenting The Man Booker Prize 2017 Longlist

New & Reviewed

Our Best Selling Fiction Books

Our Best Selling Non Fiction books

Best Selling Children’s Books

On The Horizon – Pre -Order

Bookshop Events

From The Waterstones Blog

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Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal.

Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal.

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