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Irish Bank Bailout

EU/IMF Bailout for Ireland Bailout: Curse or Cure? by Annette J Dunlea The world is watching Ireland and her attempts to address her debt crisis. Ireland’s government is finalising the final details of an emergency financial programme to stabilise her … Continue reading

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Ireland Budget 2011 : Some Proposals

Budget 2011 : Some Proposals by Annette J Dunlea Published in The Carrigdhoun Newspaper 20th Nov 2010 p.11 Finance Minister Brian Lenihan announced a more detailed four-year plan for returning Ireland’s deficit to 3 per cent of GDP in 2014.Ireland’s … Continue reading

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Carnage On Roads Continues

Carnage On Roads Continues by Annette J Dunlea Published In The Carrigdhoun Newspaper 13th Nov 2010 p.11 When will young men learn that if you drink and drive you are not in control of your car and your reflexes are … Continue reading

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Ghost Estates by Annette J Dunlea

Ghost Estates by Annette J Dunlea Published In the Carrigdhoun Newspaper p.9 6th Nov 2010  The Irish government have calculated that there are 2,800 “ghost estates” or 33,000 empty dwellings in the Republic of Ireland. Builders got almost €870m in … Continue reading

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