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My Article: The Baby Blues After Childbirth: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Title: The Baby Blues After Childbirth: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Author: Annette J Dunlea, Consumer Health Digest Full Text & Source: The internet, Online, 22/05/2017 Text: Every pregnancy and birth is different and some women suffer more than others … Continue reading

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18 Quick and Easy Meals for Seniors

Title:18 Quick and Easy Meals for Seniors Author: Donna Jackel, Full Text & Source: The Internet, Online, 9/05/2017 Sample Text Many caregivers worry whether their parents are eating enough and getting a balanced diet. These are valid concerns, … Continue reading

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I Love Journaling And According To Research It Is Good For Your Health

Journaling is a great way of recording your life key events, sorting out your thoughts, deal with grieve and venting about life’s injustices. New research shows it has many health benefits. Here is an interesting article on the health benefits … Continue reading

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How to Lose Weight While Eating More Food

Title:How to Lose Weight While Eating More Food ; 7 ways to cut calories without feeling deprived. Author: Kathleen M.Zelman Full Text & Source: The Internet, Online, 17/01/2017 Sample Text: One of the most common pitfalls to weight loss … Continue reading

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I Love Decleor – Relax & Unwind At The Spa

These products are manufactured in Paris, France. These combine my two great loves: luxury skincare and aromatherapy.For over 40 years, DECLÉOR  leads the beauty market. It is also the trusted expert and innovator in aromatherapy skincare. Every Thursday I treat … Continue reading

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Researching Diabetic Recipes For Mum

There are a lot of free recipes and advice online free. Cooking Tips For A Diabetic Friendly Meal: In this article 1. Cook with liquid fats in place of solid fats. 2. Switch to low-fat dairy. 3. Use less fat … Continue reading

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17 Superfoods That Fight Disease

Title: 17 Superfoods That Fight Disease Author: Mary Anne Gragg, Health Full Text & Source:,,20662664,00.html/view-all The Internet, Online, 4/08/2016 Sample Text: Eat your way healthy Alfalfa Sprouts Apples Avocados Beets Cranberries Flax Seed Oranges Papayas Pumpkins Quinoa Raspberries Spinach … Continue reading

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