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Four Thai Boys Rescued From Cave

Title: Thailand cave rescue: 4 boys successfully rescued from cave — live updates from CBS — Comment-   all 12 boys and their coach are out of the cave and are getting medical attention….well done all involved in the rescue 10/7/2018 … Continue reading

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Old Ireland Was No Country For Women

Some poor Irish women of the past suffered much so we could own property, vote, earn a living and live the life we want. Thank-you brave ladies. We still have not got pay and promotion equality or even even representation … Continue reading

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Mandala Stone Tutorial – So Simple

This would be a great summer art project for the kids. Bring a freezer bag the next time you go to the beach. Let the kids collect stones and then paint them at home and place in the garden. It … Continue reading

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A Girl That Reads Becomes A Woman That Thinks

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr.Seuss We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too. Anonymous Between the pages of a book is … Continue reading

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Great Resources For Kids – Care Advice For Your Pets

With the advent of all the nature, zoo and vet programmes on TV we have all developed an interest into the secret live of animals. Here are a number of resources on the selection and care of domestic pets and … Continue reading

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World Book Day – Read A Book Today

1st March 2018 Is World Book Day In Ireland   WBD Books Resources News & Events Inspiration Play & Win Videos About Us   World Book Day Resources For Nursery, Primary & Secondary School Kids :  

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No, Don’t Give Guns To Teachers!

They need tighter gun control. Interview On Sky News With William Lapham ‘Do not arm the teachers – it will only contribute to carnage’……Sadly, we should treat schools in the United States like the combat zones they have become. The … Continue reading

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