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All I Want From Life Is Books, More Books & Vino

Books and wine … wine is bottled poetry. My book club can read books in between glasses of wine!! We have a big book problem! Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it. 🙂 ‘Sometimes … Continue reading

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DigiLibraries – free eBooks

Free eBooks (Academic Titles Too) Title: DigiLibraries : The Best eBooks Library Author: Source: The Internet, Online, 13/11/2017 Search By   Title, Author Or Subject Classified By Subject Antiques & Collectibles 13 Architecture 36 Art 47 Bibles 22 … Continue reading

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Quartz Article On SCI-HUB

The subscription fees charged by academic publishers have risen so high in recent years that even wealthy American universities have said they can’t afford them. When Harvard Library reported its subscription costs had reached $3.5 million per year in a … Continue reading

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Report From IFLA: “Real Solutions to Fake News: How Libraries Help”

Title: Report From IFLA: “Real Solutions to Fake News: How Libraries Help” Author: IFLA Filed By: Gary Price Full Text & Source: The Internet, Online, 21/08/2017 Sample Text Freedoms of access to information and expression online are at risk. … Continue reading

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Rudai 23: A New Online Course for Information Professionals

The course is certified by the Library Association of Ireland.This course will be of interest to information professionals who would like to learn more about using web tools for professional development and promoting your library. Continue reading

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Library Workers: Facts & Figures

Title:Library Workers: Facts & Figures Author:Department For Professional Employees, USA Full Text & Source: The Internet, Online, 01/07/2016 Sample Text: Libraries and library staff provide essential services for schools, universities, and communities.  Americans use libraries for free, reliable, and organized … Continue reading

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