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Look After Your Eyes & You Will Have The Gift Of Sight Forever

Cataracts: Causes And Treatments By Annette J Dunlea A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye. A cataract is when the natural lens of the eye which focuses light on the retina, looses its clarity … Continue reading

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The Irish Storms…Global Warming

The Recent Storms by Annette J Dunlea Since December we have suffered storm after storm. As the country recovers from the storms that battered the entire island, local authorities are facing tens of millions in clean-up and repair costs for … Continue reading

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Minutes of Your Time

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Afternoon ‘pick-me-up,’ ring a bell?  How about that late night sudden urge for a guilty pleasure – usually chocolate.  Why delivery service – for a “desserts-only” menu – is still non-existent, is beyond my comprehension?  While…

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Pádraig Mac Lochlainn on the alleged bugging of the Garda Ombudsman Commission

Sinister Times In Ireland Garda Ombudsman Commission’s Offices Bugged – 3 devices found View original post

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MIT builds intelligent programs for robots that could help with the smart home

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Researchers at MIT have figured out how to make multiple robots talk to each other and collaborate in real time — a task equivalent to telling a bunch of toddlers to bake a cake and actually…

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Wet U.K. Swamped by Floodwaters and Politicians

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There are two battles raging on an island waterlogged as rarely in its history. England and Wales are huddled against the wettest winter for more than two centuries, according to data from the Met Office; today…

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Losing Weight

Get Slim For Summer By Annette J Dunlea We are struggling to lose the extra few pounds since Christmas. The weather is cold and wet and we want to sit in by the fire and eat something warm. Well, enough … Continue reading

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