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Title:Best free DTP software: 6 programs to help you create top-quality documents

Author:Mike Williams, Tech Radar Pro

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The Internet, Online, 10/07/2016

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Create newsletters, invitations and more with these top free DTP programs

Word processors are great for letters, reports, and other basic documents, but if you need to create something more complicated – a newsletter, say – then you’ll soon run into problems.

And that’s where desktop publishing (DTP) software comes in: its extra text options, graphics features, page layout control and more will all help you to deliver far more professional results.

Paying big money for a commercial DTP package may not appeal too much, of course, especially if you only intend to use it for one or two projects – but there are alternatives.

We’ve found six excellent free DTP tools, and whether you just want to create a single birthday card, a newspaper or an entire book, there’s something here that can help.

1. Scribus

The program is packed with professional features – CMYK and spot colours, ICC colour management, direct editing of vector drawings, extensive PDF support and more – and provides everything you need to produce flyers, brochures, newspapers, books and more…………..

2. Adobe Project ROME

This was a very interesting Adobe AIR-based tool which could help you create and publish all sorts of content: brochures, flyers, letterheads, certificates, business cards, even animations and complete websites……………

3. Serif PagePlus Starter Edition

There are several templates (forms, brochures, calendars, CVs, templates and more), customising them is easy, and you get plenty of control over layout, object alignment, colours, text flow and more……………..

4. Photo Pos Pro

The program comes with templates to help you quickly create business cards, photo collages and greetings cards, for instance. They’re fairly basic, but are an easy way to get started, and should give you some ideas of your own…….

Photo Pos Pro has plenty of useful graphics editing options, too. Good layer support helps you to produce some impressive effects; advanced tools like “text on a path” add a professional touch; and if you’re in a hurry, there are plenty of pre-built objects (clipart, icons, banners, picture boxes and more) which you can insert and customise in seconds.

5. LyX

It uses LaTeX commands to format text, insert objects and so on, and if you’re new to the idea then at first it will look horribly complicated.Start to explore, though, and it won’t seem quite so bad. You can carry out quite a few actions from the LyX menus, for instance, without having to remember any complicated syntax. If you’d like to produce a book, or some other large document with consistent formatting, then it’s well worth considering…

6. HP Photo Creations

If your needs are simple then having a wide selection of pre-built templates might be good enough – and that’s why you might want to try this.The program’s simple browser-like interface organises its projects into a lengthy list of categories: greetings cards, newsletters, postcards, photo books, and calendars, amongst others………

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