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An Interesting Article on Classic Research From Research Buzz. Read On…..

Google Scholar Blog: Classic Papers: Articles That Have Stood The Test of Time. “Scholarly research is often about the latest findings – the newest knowledge that our colleagues have gleaned from nature. Some articles buck this pattern and have impact … Continue reading

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Rudai 23: A New Online Course for Information Professionals

The course is certified by the Library Association of Ireland.This course will be of interest to information professionals who would like to learn more about using web tools for professional development and promoting your library. Continue reading

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Top Ten Websites for Research

Title: Top Ten Websites for Research Author: John Brown University Library, USA Full Text & Source: http://www.jbu.edu/library/research/toptenweb/http://www.jbu.edu/library/research/toptenweb/ The Internet, Online, 25/05/2016 Sample Text: 1.Project Gutenberg, as the oldest producer of ebooks on the Internet, provides access to 16,000 titles. 2.Christian … Continue reading

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Librarians Forever!

Title: Librarians Forever Author: Loretta Gharst Full Text & Source: http://www.infotoday.com/cilmag/dec10/Gharst.shtml The Internet, Online, 7/4/2016 Sample Text: The rumored death of librarianship caused by the advent of technology has not, and will not, come to pass. In fact, technology has … Continue reading

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Online Free Library Tutorials – Research Tips

Title: Online Library Tutorials Author: ITT, Dublin, Ireland Full Text & Source: http://library.ittdublin.ie/screens/tut.html#.VjOd_3Inzv9 The Internet, Online, 30/10/2015 Sample Text: How to Research your Assignment This tutorial is aimed at first year students or those wanting to improve their research skills. … Continue reading

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Research – Best Of History Websites

Title:  Best Of History Sites Author: Ed Tech Teacher. Inc. Full Text & Source: http://besthistorysites.net/ The Internet, Online, 27/10/2015 Sample Text: History Research & Writing Guides History Research Guides Center for History and New Media The Center for History and … Continue reading

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10 Handy (and Free) Online Research Tools You’ve Never Used – great article

Title: 10 Handy (and Free) Online Research Tools You’ve Never Used Author: Jeffrey Bernard Yozwiak Full Text & Source: http://www.computershopper.com/back-to-school/2010/10-handy-and-free-online-research-tools-you-ve-never-used The Internet, Online, 10/9/2015 Sample Text: Introduction We know from experience that starting a research paper is always the hardest … Continue reading

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