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Family Income Supplement

Title: FIS Explained Author: Kells Resource Centre Full Text & Source: http://www.kellspeoplesresourcecentre.com/#!Social-Welfare-FIS-explained-Kind-of-/c1idz/77553379-A883-4E8A-90C0-AD10CA70BB06 The Internet, Online, 10/3/2015 This is the allowance we get most questions about. The Family Income Supplement is a tax free payment to families, including one-parent families, who … Continue reading

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Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare

Title: Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare ; First Report: Child and Family Income Support Author: Ireland, Department of Social Protection Full Text & Source: http://www.welfare.ie/en/downloads/Advisory-Group-on-Tax-and-Social-Welfare-First-Report-Child-and-Family-Income-Support.pdf The Internet, Online, 10/3/2015 Sample Text The Group’s terms of reference are quite … Continue reading

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