Putin Attacks Ukraine – Stop The War Russia!

Ukraine declared itself a neutral state in 1991.It is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest country by area in Europe after Russia, which it borders to the east and north-east. It officially declared itself an independent country on 24 August 1991.Ukrainian is an official language of Ukraine. However, Russian is widely in use in the country.Throughout 2021 and 2022, Russian military buildup on the border of Ukraine has escalated tensions between the two countries and strained bilateral relations, with the United States sending a strong message that invasion would be met with dire consequences for Russia’s economy.The United States enjoys cordially friendly and strategic relations with Ukraine and attaches great importance to the success of Ukraine’s transition to a democracy with a flourishing market economy.

On 23ed Feb 2022 Putin’s Russian soldiers attack Ukraine in a unprovoked attack on a neutral state. Zelenskyy, in a brief national address, says “Russia conducted strikes on our military infrastructure and our border guards” and introduces martial law across Ukraine.Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says Russia has launched a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine and is targeting cities with weapons strikes.Ukraine shuts down its entire airspace in response to the Russian military operation in Donbass.Russia says targeting Ukraine military facilities with ‘precision’ weapons. Ukraine says eastern units under intensive shelling.Ukraine border guard service says the Russian military attacking Ukraine from Belarus as well as Russia itself.Ukraine says Russian military hardware entering from Crimea. The border guard said separately Russian military columns have crossed Ukrainian border into Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions. Western powers call for more sanctions from Europe. Russia is kicked out of SWIFT. All European Countries ban Russia from their airspace. Overall, three types of sanctions were imposed: ban on provision of technology for oil and gas exploration, ban on provision of credits to Russian oil companies and state banks, travel restrictions on the influential Russian citizens close to President Putin and involved in the annexation of Crimea.OFAC has also imposed blocking sanctions on three additional major Russian financial institutions: Otkritie, Novikom, and Sovcom. These three financial institutions play significant roles in the Russian economy, holding combined assets worth $80 billion.

Minister Oleksii Reznikov has said that anyone who is ready and able to hold a weapon can join the ranks of the territorial defence forces, as the police said they would distribute weapons to veterans. Zelenskyy calls on citizens to fight. All men aged between 18 and 60 have been prevented from leaving the country to stay and fight. Zelenskyy also urged Russians to come out and protest against the war.President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Kyiv will send a delegation of officials for talks “without preconditions” with Moscow at the Ukraine-Belarus border on Monday. Meanwhile the war continues. Kyiv’s mayor says the city is encircled, making evacuations impossible.More than 360,000 people have fled Ukraine, women and children, since the beginning of Russia’s attack.

Putin underestimated Ukraine and the west’s reaction to it. It has being met with international condemnation. Civilians have taken up arms and prepare to fight Russians with homemade Molotov cocktails in Dnipro. Ukrainians are a brave nation. They are fighting for their country and identity. Their president has emerged as hero refusing safe passage out by allies.He told them I need arms not a safe escape. The Ukrainian military has claimed successful attacks by its Turkish-made force of drones against Russian forces.The intensity of Ukraine’s resistance reflects in part the rebuilding of its military since 2014. Kyiv governments since then have invested in it, and western allies helped to train it. Anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles supplied by some foreign partners have assisted in slowing Russia’s advance and ability to take control of the skies.Putin has put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert. Putin is a war criminal attacking a neutral state and democratic government and shelling civilian buildings.

Ukraine belongs in the European Union (EU) and the bloc wants them in, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said .In a tweet Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he spoke to von der Leyen about strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities and its membership in the EU.“For the first time ever, the European Union will finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment to a country that is under attack,” the EC statement said. Rallies are taken place around the world in support of Ukraine and against Putin.

Thomas-Greenfield said President Vladimir Putin put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert Sunday morning, “even though he is invading a country with no nuclear weapons and is under no threat from NATO, a defensive alliance that will not fight in Ukraine.”“These are issues that affect all Member States. And now, in the General Assembly, they can all make their voices heard on Russia’s war of choice,” Thomas-Greenfield said. “We will then vote on a resolution that will hold Russia to account for its indefensible actions and for its violations of the UN Charter.More than 4,000 US Army troops who were deployed to Europe on a temporary basis will now have their tour of duty extended as part of the US effort to reassure eastern European allies during the current crisis in Ukraine.UK will provide additional $53 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson “doubts” Russian President’s Vladimir Putin’s “sincerity” in entering talks with Ukraine.

Satellite images show more than three-mile-long Russian military column on roadway to Kyiv. Ukraine has filed an application to institute proceedings against Russia before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a “dispute … relating to the interpretation, application and fulfillment of the 1948 Convention and Prevention of Punishment of the Crimes of Genocide,” according to an ICJ news release on the filing.Ukraine has submitted its application against Russia to the ICJ. “Russia must be held accountable for manipulating the notion of genocide to justify aggression. We request an urgent decision ordering Russia to cease military activity now and expect trials to start next week”, says President Volodymyr Zelensky on Twitter. The number of known people killed in Ukraine following the Russian invasion is 352 civilians, Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior said Sunday. At least 14 of those killed are children, according to the ministry. Another 1,684 people, including 116 children, have been injured.Oleksandr Svidlo, the acting mayor of the town of Berdyansk on Ukraine’s southern coast, has said that Russian forces have entered and taken control of the town. EU bans Russian news outlets Russia Today and Sputnik.More than half of central bank reserves of Russia will be blocked under new EU sanctions. England joins the Czech Republic, Poland, and Sweden in refusing to play in any potential football matches against Russia. France will submit a resolution Monday to the United Nations Security Council calling for “unhindered humanitarian access” in Ukraine as well as a ceasefire. .Additionally, France will call for a ceasefire which “must precede any peace talks,” the statement said. Russian authorities have detained a total of 5,794 people for participating in unsanctioned anti-war protests across the country. The war continues……

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