A Brave New World: Harry and Meghan’s First Year in America

Title: A Brave New World: Harry and Meghan’s First Year in America

Author: R.S. Locke

Publisher: Medium

Source: https://royalsuitor.medium.com/a-brave-new-world-harry-and-meghans-first-year-in-america-8f3fc54df7d

The Internet, Online, 25/2/2021

Sample Text:

The year 2020 was a reckoning. A reckoning for a world faced with what Prince Harry described as “a global crisis of hate, a global crisis of misinformation and a global health crisis.” It was also a reckoning for Harry and Meghan. Could they prove their working model and create the “progressive new roles’’ that they had envisioned? Because regardless of the agreements from the Sandringham Summit, that’s exactly what they were doing — carving out a new role. But instead of doing it within the institution, Harry and Meghan were challenged to create a role outside of it. Most importantly, would they find the “more peaceful life” they sought across the pond?………

Purchasing a home and settling into Montecito seemed to represent not just a physical relocation for Harry and Meghan but a spiritual move as well. Yes, the family that had moved four times in just over a year was happy to finally be in their forever home, but when Meghan told Emily Ramshaw, CEO of The 19th*, “It’s good to be home,” her words went bone deep. The self-described “Cali girl” had experienced a death by a thousand cuts; nitpicked by a British press whose map of southern California seemed bizarrely confined to two cities, Hollywood and Compton……………..

With 5,000 miles between her and the noise from the Royal Rota, the press pack that covers the royals, Meghan appeared reinvigorated. She was once again comfortable in her own skin. As she told Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor of FORTUNE, “You just focus on living a purpose-driven life, and you focus on knowing what your own moral compass is.” The distance wasn’t enough to silence her critics. However, without exclusive access, her work could be viewed free from the filter of a biased U.K. tabloid press. The Duchess, who had chosen a songbird and quills for her coat of arms to represent the power of communication, was ready to spread her wings and sing again…………..

Meghan’s speech to the graduating class of her high school alma mater, Immaculate Heart, remains the first and only time a senior member of the royal family has uttered the phrase Black Lives Matter. “The only wrong thing to say is to say nothing,” Meghan asserted. It was a stark contrast to the royal family’s tenet of ”never complain, never explain,” which she and Harry had found so frustratingly outdated……

At the Diana Awards, Prince Harry answered that question with a resounding ‘yes’. Drawing upon the memory of his mother, he called for an end to institutional racism. “Like many of you, she never took the easy route. Or the popular one. Or the comfortable one. But, she stood for something. And, she stood up for people who needed it,” he recalled. Harry and Meghan appear committed to following the same path, as harrowing as it may be….

Compassion and empathy are the superpowers that enable Harry and Meghan to connect with people from all walks of life. Within the royal family, their willingness to set aside the British stiff upper lip made them an anomaly. Now, they have turned their vulnerability into their strength…….

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Comment: Beautifully written and explains everything clearly. They did no wrong. Yet the haters criticize them. Keep going they will always have critics. I think these two can achieve anything.

“I am my mother’s son.

And I am our son’s mother.

Together we bring you Archewell.”

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