Will the House of Windsor Turn into a House of Cards?

Title: Will the House of Windsor Turn into a House of Cards? What happens to British society when the class structure that underpins it is challenged?

Author: R.S. Locke

Publisher: Medium

Source : https://royalsuitor.medium.com/will-the-house-of-windsor-turn-into-a-house-of-cards-d344db7076d9

The Internet, Online, 24/02/2021

Sample Text

Imagine a society founded on a class structure with the (white) British royal family at the top as determined by birth and by blood. A biracial woman enters the top of the pyramid by marriage, negating both the birth and blood requirements society had previously been told were preconditions. Because she lacks those prerequisites, she’s considered unworthy. Because she’s proud of her own heritage and regards herself as equal to others at the top of the pyramid, she’s considered ungrateful……..

After years of being told that she was unworthy and ungrateful, the newlywed took the crier’s advice and returned from whence she came. Despite one tattler’s audacious cautions not to force her husband to “choose between you and us.” He did in fact choose his wife, just as he did the day he married her, much to their chagrin………

Still, that wasn’t enough. For society to maintain order, she must be reclassified and her elite status conferred by marriage removed. But, the society is trapped in a conundrum. Her husband and their children are at the top of the pyramid by birth and by blood. Removing titles, military honors, and patronages won’t remove her from the top of the pyramid. The only thing that will reclassify her is to remove her from her husband…and the society has been working diligently, though unsuccessfully, to that end since the day they learned that Harry and Meghan were a couple……….

Comment: Why can’t people just celebrate their love? Who has the right to judge them or judge anyone? When Princess Diana died people cried and said they felt guilty for buying all the media magazines and newspapers that fed the media frenzy. History does indeed repeat itself. The media turned on Harry’s new bride, the beautiful Meghan. Harry was not playing that game that killed his mum. He took his wife, Meghan and son, Archie, to the USA. Meghan and Harry are my generation’s social media influencers leading the people in a charitable and modern way. What a huge loss they are to the royal family. They could reach people the royals could not. Princes and peasants both love them equally. People say the monarchy will not last, too inflexible and old fashioned. Harry and his wife would have carried them.

In the midst of this saga Netflix made a series of movies on The Royal Family. The treatment of Princess Diana was so bad, it hurt to watch. Old wounds were reopened the public were fuming once again, a nation divided.Who would have thought that the late Princess Diana would vindicate her son’s escape with his beautiful wife to a foreign land where she would not be hated for the colour of our skin or ambition. I read all the papers and articles they did nothing wrong. Please we have suffered enough with the Covid virus. We need no more bashing. Less hate, more love needed. If you can’t say anything nice about them, say nothing. After all the so called royal experts never even met them and they claim to know what they are thinking. I think not.

They are so in love and after a tough Megxit and miscarriage they are expecting their rainbow baby. They have secured deals with Spotify and Netflix, their future looks bright. They show us love conquers all. Every woman deserves her prince and love and romance are still alive. He walked away from riches and privilege for love. No privileges were ever worth destroying his wife and by God the media tried. Day after day false and nasty stories were published designed to turn the public against her. She has taken legal battles against these papers to clear her good name and won. You can’t keep a good woman down.They showed you do not need a title to do good. You can be of service to your state in many ways. I look forward to seeing what this dynamic duo can create together, exciting times ahead. Anything is possible!!

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