Stay Safe But Enjoy Christmas

1.Minimise your in person contacts. Be selective who you allow into your house. If you are meeting up with friends or family you have the option to do it in a controlled area like a cafe or somewhere outside your home.

2. This Christmas you need to prioritize the traditions that matter most to you.
When visiting another house please wear a face covering and wash hands regularly. Use liquid hand wash with a dispenser and dry hands with kitchen roll and then throw away. Do not share hand towels.

3. Do your Christmas shop early and safely, avoid crowds indoors and outside. Wear a mask. Shop online or late at night. Many shops are offering late nights openings.Do your gift shopping and shipping early.

4.If you feel unwell, don’t risk it – stay home and contact your doctor

5. When visiting a relative’s house keep fresh air circulating. Keep window open and sit granny/grandad or sick person by window, 2m away from others. Add another heater if need be to keep her/him warm.

6. Two other households may be able to gather this Christmas.
Keep 2m apart, wear masks, wash your hands regularly, keep windows open. When coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue.
Do not sleep over.If you are having Christmas dinner together please be careful.
Do not share food from your plate, dinner ware, glasses or cutlery. It would be best to use paper plates, cups and napkins etc. One use and throw away thus not spreading infection.

7.Prepare food in other room by one.
Another cook food in kitchen.

8.When spending time with friends and family this festive season, try to spend time outdoors when possible.
Limit the amount of time you spend together
Do not travel to Ireland from abroad this year only, stay at home. Zoom and chat. Select a family member in Ireland to visit the relatives, just for this weird year with the Covid virus.
Make sure these people are comfortable with you visiting before you land at their doorstep.

9. Plan ahead— Plan how you will spend your Christmas Day and who you will be in contact with.
Keep your guest list short and try to ensure that you limit your close contacts in the days and weeks beforehand
Remember – every contact counts!

10. On arrival — Try encourage guests to use hand sanitiser or to wash their hands when they arrive at your home or do so when you arrive at someone else’s home.

11.Limit contact — Try to avoid hugs, kisses and handshakes as people arrive
Don’t share items like crockery and glassware.
Avoid sharing food and buffet style set ups. Do not give too much alcohol. People are less likely to adhere to social distancing and public health advice when drunk.
Give a little extra space. Try to allow extra space at the dinner table
Extra distance between settings will make sure everyone is comfortable and keeps safe
People from the same households should sit together


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