OMG!! TV Was Rubbish Again This Christmas



Really, we pay for our own Irish channels and Sky and still there was nothing good on tv but lots of repeat movies repeated day after day!!! What are we paying for??There were very few movies we had not seen before. This happens every year. This year I was cute I set up Netflix and bought some DVDs. Everywhere I went people said to me when it is going to change we pay big money for our tv licences and for Sky and every year they change our normal tv programmes and put on repeat movies we see again and again every year.Public servants work but TV presenters don’t!

However, I did enjoy the following shows :
Mrs Brown’s Boys (BBC One)
​Call the Midwife (BBC One)
The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4)


It’s time the tv producers used social media esp Facebook and Twitter and e-mail and asked the public to vote on what movies/programmes they wanted broadcasted on Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays. These lazy days are family time to chill, eat, bond and enjoy tv together in the comfort of their own homes. We should not haveto pay for Netflix. Netflix gets it so right. They have excellant research and thus produce and broadcast great shows and movies. RTE and UK TV producers need to employ research and producing staff like theirs.

#It’s time to share our voices publically we want good tv at Christmas and on holidays and we want now!!

#rebel #speak your mind

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