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Title: First Aid Planning for Large Animals

Author: Dr. Anna O’Brien


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Last week we discussed tips to help prepare for emergencies on a farm, such as natural disasters. This week, let’s talk about how to prepare for animal emergencies. No emergency situation is ever the same, but there are a few guidelines that are good to keep in mind for every situation, no matter if it’s a dog or a bull that needs emergency veterinary care. Here are some basic guidelines to get you in the ballpark:

Know your vital signs.

For whatever species you happen to have, knowing the vital signs for that species is extremely helpful when evaluating an animal in an emergency situation. If you have trouble remembering numbers, at least have them printed out and kept in a tack or feed room for reference. This sort of information is great to pass along to your vet when you first call her as well. Here are some basic guidelines to get you in the ballpark:

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