Enjoy The Heatwave But Stay Safe

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Met Eireann issued a Status Yellow high temperature warning as temperatures set to exceed 30C this week.It’s National Outlook states: ‘High pressure will persist throughout the coming week, giving dry settled conditions. Warm or hot by day, with spells of hazy sunshine each day. But very close and sticky at night.’

Read the forecasts at Met Eireann’s website: https://www.met.ie/forecasts/national-forecast

While we all all enjoying Ireland’s heatwave we must be mindful to protect ourselves from cancer, sunburn and sun stroke.


1. Use sunscreen, apply 30 minutes before you go out and top up regularly.Top up sun cream after a swim.

2. Cover up. Wear tightly-woven clothing that blocks out light.

3.Drink lots of water not beer – stay hydrated

4. Wear a hat with a brim.

5.Always wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection

6. Limit your exposure esposure to the sun’s rays at peak times 12 – 3pm

7. Do not swim with a full stomach or after a few beers as you will get tired. Do not show off in the water and swim out of your depth. Respect the sea and it’s strong waves and currents. It has taken many lives.

8. Be careful if you have hay fever especially if you are driving.

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