Ireland Has Repealed The 8th Amendment – 66.4% Yes


World trust The People Of Ireland That Will Not Be Baby Killers. We could no longer bury our heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to  the women and girls traveling alone in the boat to the UK to get an abortion. Then there were the women getting abortion pills in the post and having abortions alone without any medical supervision. Irish women were having abortions just not on our island. Cases of  missed cervical cancer and the death of Savita Halappanavar,  disturbed the women of Ireland and their men kin. We lacked compassion, proper medical care and  control of our bodies.  Savita  was denied a abortion because Ireland was a Catholic country!! The people of Ireland wept for an unnecessary death and vowed to do something for her.Her parents thanked Ireland for a yes vote.

We voted for her and to reclaim control of our bodies. We voted to help the women with crisis pregnancies, babies conceived from rape, incest or with severe medical conditions that would kill the mother or the baby. It is a horrible position to be in but we do not want to be in a nanny state. It is a personal decision. I do not judge, nor should others. Each person must make their own decision. That mother might have a couple of kids at home to rear. In Ireland the women of Ireland have being badly treated. If a woman wants to be sterilized we need our husbands permission! Men can get the snip and we are not told! Men can walk away from their kids, leaving the woman holding the baby. In the event of an birth emergency the doctors and nurses will always save the baby before the mum, if both can’t be saved. We hear nothing of this. Democracy has ruled and the men and women of Ireland want our country to have a progressive future. It says women of Ireland you are valued. We as a nation have compassion for all.

The poll results are: valid votes: 2,153,613,  1,429,981 votes – yes = 66.4%,  and 723,632 votes – no 33.6%


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