Honey With Turmeric – A Natural Antibiotic


The recommended dosage of cinnamon is 1-6g a day taken for not more than 6 weeks. I drink it with hot water 2 spoons of manuka honey and a quarter spoon of cinnamon. Some recipes vary from one to two spoons of honey. I have always used 2 spoons and it has cured me of sinusitis many times.

Honey and cinnamon are combined often to fight various infections. Daily use of these two products can prevent bacterial and viral infections and they help strengthen white blood cells. Honey and cinnamon can be drunk with water to heal colds and coughs and heal bladder infections. Honey and cinnamon paste can ease an aching tooth, cure acne, eczema, insect bites, ringworm and other skin infections. It can be used on animals too!

Always check with your doctor if you are on medicines  eg Warfarin as it might interfere with your health.

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