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As mum’s carer I decided to do some extra first aid courses. There was a free course on in our local hotel sponsored by Barry Collins, Carrigaline and Janssen Ireland. It was brilliantly organised and lots of people turned out. It was not easy but I learned a lot from it.

It is great to know we have a first response team in Carrigaline and Crosshaven. In emergency you call 999 or 112 and the ambulance centre texts the local first responder they come in 3-5 mins and they stay with you until the ambulance comes. They start CPR and administer first aid.

To get access to defibillator just dial 999 or 112 all the ambulance centres will give you code to access it.
How to Use an AED | Automated External Defibrillator



In the event of a heart attack dial 999 or 112 and give your name, address postcode and telephone number. Have your post code printed by the phone so in an emergency the ambulance can get to you in a hurry. CPR – 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths (normal) in mouth

Heimlich Maneuver 5 back thrusts and 5 Abdominal Thrusts

First Aid Basics

HSE Useful Links

Rule Life before Limb!!

The Irish Government introduced the first ‘good Samaritan’ law in Ireland to protect members of the public who go to the aid of another person.Good Samaritans are not personally liable for anything they do while assisting someone ill, injured or in danger. Volunteers will be similarly protected from liability when carrying out voluntary work. Of course, there are exceptions and, for example, the protection from liability is lost when the act was done by the volunteer or good samaritan in bad faith or with gross negligence.

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