There Is Beauty in Simplicity

Handmade Underground Swimming Pool made With Mud & Water…I need one out the back for the long summer evenings

Underground DIY Pool

Or Use Stock tanks and a pump see more ideas: – ideas on Pinterest

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Title: Stock Tank Pools Make Life Out Here A Whole Lot Cooler

Author: Tractor Supply Co. (TSC)

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The Internet, Online, 8/04/2018

And what better example than turning a standard stock tank into a relaxing soaking pool to help you beat the heat?More and more, we see our friends, neighbors and customers turning to this innovative solution as a way to enjoy many of the benefits of a pool without the high cost. And while it’s certainly not hard, it’s also not quite as easy as just filling a tub with water.

Job one is obviously selecting the site for your stock tank pool. You’ll need to prepare the area by creating a solid, level base. You could use compacted sand, or even crushed granite. But, it’s very important to ensure that it’s a smooth surface, free of any rocks or sharp edges. The same is true whether you plan to use the stock tank for an above-ground pool, or want to dig out enough soil to create an in-ground version. If digging a hole for an in-ground pool, remember to allow enough space behind the pool to accommodate the pump and hoses…

Next comes selecting the tank. At Tractor Supply, we have a variety to choose from, including this 8 foot by 2 foot galvanized version featuring 20-gauge bottoms and 21- gauge sides.

Once you have the tank at home, clean it thoroughly. Once it’s ready, you’ll need to make a decision on how visible you want your hoses and pump to be.

In the interest of simplicity, many people choose to simply hang the hoses over the side, and weigh them down with cinder blocks or some other item. But, if you’d rather not be staring at hoses all the time, you can drill the appropriate holes in the side of the tank. Please note, although most of our tanks come with a pre-installed plug, it wasn’t intended for the kind of water flow you’ll need to use the tank as a pool…..

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