Thought It Was Consensual Is A Valid Defence In Rape Cases- Sickening!


Never assume consent!!  if she freezes, says nothing and cries, this is not consent. It is not sex, it is rape! The lads in the street know this but it is still a defense in rape trails. I thought she consented.!!!! We need to teach our boys to respect women and our girls to stay safe and use caution because we are not living in safe times. Our laws need to be reformed. We need to change Irish and all modern societies where they are double standards for women and men. Sadly,  men still have the majority of top posts and are constantly making decisions about our bodies and our lives, things need to change!

Title: Consent

Author: Unions Students Of Ireland

Full Text Of Ireland:
Online, The Internet, 31/03/2018

Sample Text:
Maybe you’re a little unsure about what consent is – and what it isn’t? You may have heard the idea that “no means no,” but this doesn’t really cover it because it puts the responsibility on one person to resist or accept, rather than both of you being responsible for taking things to the next level. It also makes consent about what a partner doesn’t want, instead of about being able to openly express what they do want. Consent should be freely given, and an enthusiastic, clearly communicated and ongoing yes. Never assume consent……..
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3 Responses to Thought It Was Consensual Is A Valid Defence In Rape Cases- Sickening!

  1. pvcann says:

    Hoping they achieve that.


  2. I don’t know maybe too many men still in power. It badly needs to change for justice for all of society. Rallies continue all over Ireland by angry females demanding justice and change.

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  3. pvcann says:

    I cannot believe that in the 21 century we are still having to debate this, when will society wake up and see rape for what it is, rape, as you say. Why are peopl ein law and policing, and why is public opinion still stuck in the dark ages? Sickening.


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