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Title: Stories of Anton Chekhov

Author: Anton Chekhov

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Paperback, 496 pages
Publisher: Modern Library
ISBN 9780553381009

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Considered the greatest short story writer, Anton Chekhov changed the genre itself with his spare, impressionistic depictions of Russian life and the human condition. From characteristically brief, evocative early pieces such as “The Huntsman” and the tour de force “A Boring Story,” to his best-known stories such as “The Lady with the Little Dog” and his own personal favorite, “The Student,” Chekhov’s short fiction possesses the transcendent power of art to awe and change the reader. This monumental edition, expertly translated, is especially faithful to the meaning of Chekhov’s prose and the unique rhythms of his writing, giving readers an authentic sense of his style and a true understanding of his greatness……………..

Table Of Contents

Translator’s Notes
The Death of a Clerk
Small Fry
The Huntsman
The Malefactor
Easter Night
A Boring Story
Peasant Women
The Fidget
In Exile
Ward No. 6
The Black Monk
Rothschild’s Fiddle
The Student
Anna on the Neck
The House with the Mezzanine
The Man in a Case
A Medical Case
The Darling
On Official Business
The Lady with the Little Dog
At Christmastime
In the Ravine
The Bishop
The Fiancée

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