20 Years Dead Princess Diana Already – The People’s Princess


How proud she would be of her two sons and her two grandchildren.

This slideshow is doing the rounds on social media sites. It is a beautiful tribute to the late Princess Diana.


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Princess Diana By Hello Magazine

Source: http://www.hellomagazine.com/tags/princess-diana/

Online, The Internet, 01/09/2017

Diana, Princess of Wales, is the late first wife of Prince Charles, and mother to Princes William and Harry. As it nears the 20th anniversary of her death this August, we will be brining you a wide selection of pictures and videos, interviews and tributes to the people’s princess. 

  • Diana’s crash: ‘I thought she was going to survive’

    A firefighter who attended the scene of Princess Diana’s car crash in Paris has said he was certain she would survive. Xavier Gourmelon has spoken……


  • Fans lay flowers at Kensington Palace as Princess Diana’s 20th death anniversary approaches

    Tributes have started to pour in as Princess Diana’s 20th death anniversary approaches. Members of the public have flocked to her former home,……..


    Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry visit Princess Diana garden at Kensington Palace

    On the eve of their mother’s death anniversary, Prince William and Prince Harry carried out an emotional engagement as they paid tribute to Princess………….


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