Points System Changed

Title: New Common Sense Points Scale 2017

Author: CAO, Ireland

Full Text & Source: http://www2.cao.ie/downloads/documents/NewCommonPointsScale2017.pdf

Entry Points 2017 for courses

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                                                            ROUND 1                                      
       Cork Institute of Technology                                                                      

CR105  Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering           443
CR106  Software Development                                 357
CR108  Mechanical Engineering                               422
CR109  Structural Engineering                               326
CR112  Creative Digital Media                               351
CR116  Computer Systems                                     351
CR121  Music at CIT Cork School of Music                    #583
CR125  Popular Music: Electric Bass Guitar at CIT Cork Sc   #836
CR126  Popular Music: Drums at CIT Cork School of Music     #836
CR127  Popular Music: Electric Guitar at CIT Cork School    #606
CR128  Popular Music: Keyboards at CIT Cork School of Mus   #941
CR129  Popular Music: Voice at CIT Cork School of Music     #732
CR150  Business Information Systems                         356
CR210  Contemporary Applied Art (Ceramics  Glass  Textile   #711
CR220  Fine Art at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design   #629
CR305  Physical Sciences (Common Entry)                     319
CR310  IT Management                                        291
CR312  Web Development                                      300
CR320  Biomedical Science - Offered jointly by CIT and UC   531*
CR325  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology                         383
CR330  Herbal Science                                       320
CR333  Nutrition and Health Science                         349
CR335  Biological Sciences (Common Entry)                   390
CR340  Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance          321
CR360  Instrument Engineering                               301
CR365  Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology     323
CR400  Accounting                                           319
CR420  Marketing                                            310
CR425  International Business with Language                 308
CR500  Engineering (Common Entry)                           392
CR510  Sustainable Energy Engineering                       317
CR520  Biomedical Engineering                               444
CR560  Architectural Technology                             276
CR565  Interior Architecture                                306
CR570  Quantity Surveying                                   291
CR572  Construction Management                              255
CR580  Electrical Engineering                               330
CR590  Electronic Engineering                               330
CR600  Visual Communications                                #490
CR660  Tourism Management                                   269
CR700  Theatre and Drama Studies at CIT Cork School of Mu   #887

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                                                            ROUND 1                                      
       University College Cork (NUI)                                                                     

CK101  Arts                                                 346
CK102  Social Science                                       403
CK104  Arts with Music                                      #367
CK105  Film and Screen Media                                422
CK106  Applied Psychology                                   499
CK107  Geographical and Archaeological Sciences             337
CK108  Arts International                                   484
CK109  English                                              420
CK110  World Languages                                      476
CK111  Early Years and Childhood Studies                    381
CK112  Drama and Theatre Studies                            #408
CK113  Criminology                                          412
CK114  Social Science (Youth and Community Work)            
CK115  Social Work - Mature Applicants only                 
CK116  Sports Studies and Physical Education                477
CK117  Economics (through Transformational Learning)        423
CK118  Digital Humanities and Information Technology        379
CK201  Commerce                                             455
CK202  Accounting                                           444
CK203  Business Information Systems                         445
CK204  Finance                                              532
CK205  Commerce (International) with French                 465
CK206  Commerce (International) with German                 465
CK207  Commerce (International) with Italian                430
CK208  Commerce (International) with Hispanic Studies       451
CK209  Commerce (International) with Irish                  478
CK210  Government                                           377
CK211  Commerce (International) with Chinese Studies        424
CK301  Law (Pathways)                                       480
CK302  Law and French                                       510
CK304  Law and Irish                                        496
CK307  Law and Business                                     543
CK401  Computer Science                                     419
CK402  Biological and Chemical Sciences                     489
CK404  Biological  Earth and Environmental Sciences         441
CK405  Genetics                                             473
CK406  Chemical Sciences                                    477
CK407  Mathematical Sciences                                565
CK408  Physics and Astrophysics                             531
CK409  Industrial Physics - Offered jointly by UCC and CI   445
CK502  Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship                  441
CK504  Nutritional Sciences                                 484
CK505  Food Science                                         453
CK506  International Development and Food Policy            378
CK600  Engineering                                          454
CK606  Architecture - Offered jointly by UCC and CIT        444
CK701  Medicine (Undergraduate Entry)                       #730
CK702  Dentistry                                            578
CK703  Pharmacy                                             565
CK704  Occupational Therapy                                 520*
CK705  Speech and Language Therapy                          523
CK706  Public Health Sciences                               429
CK710  General Nursing                                      433
CK712  Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated)          508
CK720  Mental Health Nursing                                419
CK730  Intellectual Disability Nursing                      378
CK740  Midwifery                                            446
CK791  Medicine (Graduate Entry)                            

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                                                            ROUND 1                                      
       Griffith College                                                                                  

GC200  Business Studies (Cork)                              226
GC201  Accounting and Finance (Cork)                        
GC230  Computing Science (Cork)                             226
GC300  Business Studies (Limerick)                          275
GC305  International Hospitality Management (Limerick)      239
GC400  Business Studies (Dublin)                            242
GC401  Accounting and Finance (Dublin)                      282
GC402  Business Studies (HRM - Dublin)                      282
GC403  Law (Dublin)                                         245
GC405  International Hospitality Management (Dublin)        252
GC407  Business Studies (Marketing - Dublin)                242
GC430  Computing Science (Dublin)                           260
GC431  Computing Science (Cloud Computing - Dublin)         243
GC432  Computing Science (Software Development - Dublin)    285
GC433  Computing Science (Network Management - Dublin)      279
GC434  Computing Science (Games Development - Dublin)       245
GC450  Journalism and Visual Media (Dublin)                 234
GC462  Design Communication (Dublin - Portfolio required)   #
GC489  Interior Architecture (Dublin)                       235
GC494  Fashion Design (Dublin - Portfolio required)         #290

                                                            ROUND 1                                      
       Mary Immaculate College                                                                           

MI001  Contemporary & Applied Theatre Studies               316
MI002  Arts (offered in conjunction with the University o   336
MI005  Education - Primary Teaching                         466
MI006  Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicant   #430
MI007  Early Childhood Care and Education                   367
MI008  Education and Psychology - Primary Teaching          552
MI009  Education  Business Studies and Accounting (Thurle   356
MI010  Education  Business Studies and Religious Studies    319
MI011  Education  Irish and Religious Studies (Thurles Ca   382
MI012  Education  Irish and Business Studies (Thurles Cam   377

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