St.Patrick’s Day – A Day When The Whole World Celebrates The Irish Culture

Date: 17th March (Every Year)

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Title:St. Patrick and Identity

Author: National Museum, Ireland

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St. Patrick and the symbols associated with him have been used to emphasis Irish identity and can been seen in these objects from the N.M.I. Collections.

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March 17 th is known as the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. It is marked in Ireland and throughout the world with parades, religious and cultural events. The traditions observed today have been noted over the centuries and evidence for these can be found…
Below you will find some examples of the major religious artefacts associated in some form with St. Patrick and on view in Kildare Street, Dublin 2, home of N.M.I. – Archaeology . Shrine of the Miosach, Clonmany, Co. Donegal. Late eleventh century ad, redecorated in…
NMI R4010-1 Date: 8th-9th century AD and circa AD 1100 This bell is reputed to have belonged to St. Patrick. It is made of two sheets of iron which are riveted together and coated with bronze. This bell is frequently mentioned in written sources as one of th…
St. Patrick and the symbols associated with him can be seen in some of the objects from our Decorative Arts collection, Collins Barracks, Dublin . Triptych, depicts scenes of StPatrick’s life in Ireland, enamels and brass inlaid with silver and painted with enamels, …
St. Patrick   St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is honoured on the 17th March, a day on which all Lenten restrictions were temporarily lifted. Children made ‘St. Patrick’s crosses’ – badges of fabric and paper. They wore these crosses to Mass and then …


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