Grief Journaling – It Works !

Title: Grief Journaling Tips & Writing Prompts

Author: Heather Stang, Mindfulness & Grief

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The Internet, Online, 20/11/2016

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Grief journaling can help you record and process your experience of grief. As you begin to reconnect with your body, you may start to hear whispers (or even shouts) of wisdom coming from within. You may wish to take note of these signals, quite literally, for it is easy for the mind to forget insights almost as quickly as they arise when you are working through grief. This is why it is a great idea to keep a grief journal.

In the book Lessons Of Loss by Dr. Robert Niemeyer explains “Especially when losses are traumatic, they may be difficult to discuss or even disclose to another. And yet the psychological and physical burden of harboring painful memories without the release of sharing can prove far more destructive in the long run.”

Grief Journaling Tip: You do not need to write fast, but try to write continuously and without editing your thoughts.
There is plenty of research to suggest that grief journaling after a significant loss has therapeutic value. According to grief experts, the task of reconstructing your personalself-narrative is critical in the healing process…………






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