Writers Say They Feel Censored By Surveillance

Title: Writers Say They Feel Censored By Surveillance

Author:, The New York Times

Full Text & Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/05/arts/writers-say-they-feel-censored-by-surveillance

The Internet, Online, 5/10/2016

Sample Text:

A survey of writers around the world by the PEN American Center has found that a significant majority said they were deeply concerned with government surveillance, with many reporting that they have avoided, or have considered avoiding, controversial topics in their work or in personal communications as a result.

The findings show that writers consider freedom of expression to be under significant threat around the world in democratic and nondemocratic countries. Some 75 percent of respondents in countries classified as “free,” 84 percent in “partly free” countries, and 80 percent in countries that were “not free” said that they were “very” or “somewhat” worried about government surveillance in their countries…….

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