New AV Signal Boxes To Transfer Sky & DVD Movies To The Bedroom – For A Once Off Payment Of €40

Product:PAT-330 2.4GHz Audio Video Sender Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver TV Signal PAT-330

Domestic Goddess marks: 10/10 affordable and easy to install


The Wireless AV Sender Transmitter & Receiver is a electronic product, which can realize the audio & video signal sharing in different rooms for family entertainment. It consist of a Transmitter and Receiver. Adopting advanced 2.4G GHz / 5.8GHz Wireless Transmission Schemes and having advantages of long distance transmission, strong anti-interface and high mobility. By means of radio waves, it can transmit the signal from DVD player, DVR, CCTV camera, IPTV, Digital TV Set-Top Box & other AV devices at Transmitter end to TV Sets in different room at Receiver end. So that you can enjoy freely wireless HD AV Sharing Data and HiFi audio and video effect. The item Support 8 groups of channels, and you can select these channels to avoid interference from signals of a wireless router, etc.

The standard package is for one transmitter and one receiver (€40 , post included) but you can buy up to 3 receivers should you want to send the tv signal to three other rooms in the house. The quality of the picture is very good as is the stereo sound too.


Power input: DC 5V = 1000 mA

Video input: 1V p-p (PAL/NTSC)

Audio input: 1.5V p-p (dual channel)

Video output: 1V p-p (PAL/NTSC)

Audio out: 1.5V p-p (dual channel)

Dimensions: 100mm x 85mm x30mm

Horizontal barrier-free transmission distance 150 m

It transmit AV signals by means of radio waves and can be used for wireless sharing of AV signals of VCD, DVD, CCD camera, PC AV, satellite set-top box, digital TV set-top box, HD network media player and other AV devices of several TV sets.

Wireless AV transmission solutions are suitable for large video meeting systems and multimedia class rooms.

With an external CCD camera, it can realize real-time field image monitoring in applications such as security system.

It can also be used in AV transmission applications where the AV cabling is difficult or expensive.

Set Includes:

1 x Transmitter

1 x Receiver

2 x Power adapter (for UK & ROI) 2 pin to 3 pin plug

2 x AV cable

These can be purchased online, shop around for the best price.

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