50 Famous Author Interviews That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Title:50 Famous Author Interviews That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Author: Online College Organisation

Full Text & Source:http://www.onlinecollege.org/2010/03/28/50-famous-author-interviews-that-shouldnt-be-missed/

The Internet, Online, 14/08/2016

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Get a look into authors with celebrity status in these interviews. These interviews may also be of interest to budding journalists.

  1. Dan Brown: This interview with Dan Brown focuses on The Da Vinci Code.
  2. J K Rowling: In this interview, JK Rowling sits down with Katie Couric to discuss saying goodbye to the Harry Potter saga.
  3. John Grisham: You’ll find 10 questions for John Grisham in this interview.
  4. Stephen King: This Stephen King interview takes a look at Lisey’s Story.
  5. Mitch Albom: In this interview, Mitch Albom discusses his uncle Edward Beitchman.

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