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Title:Best Books: Our Recommendations For Families

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The Internet, Online, 25/07/2016

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lists of great books for kids

Award Winning Teen Books

Find great reads that have won the prestigious Michael J. Printz Award.

50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12

Sure-fire selections for kids and tweens.

Books That Inspire To Be Grateful

Fabulous family picks that inspire kids of all ages to give thanks.

Books About Imaginary Friends

The feelings are real — even when the friends are made up.

Books About A New Sibling

A new baby in the house changes everything. These books can help with the transition.

Bestselling New Books On Amazon For Teens & Kids


Stories about adopted kids that all kinds of readers can enjoy.


Relatable books about bullying for kids of all ages.

Survive Middle School

What’s so tough about sixth through eighth grade?

Alphabet Books

Picture books make learning your ABCs loads of fun.

Reluctant Readers

Turn kids into bookworms with page-turning tales.

Characters With Physical Disabilities

Kids can relate to characters facing all sorts of challenges.

Books With Characters Of Colour

It doesn’t have to be Black History Month, Chinese New Year, or Cinco de Mayo to find great reads featuring diverse characters.

Adventurous Princess

Not all princesses laze around the castle in a tiara. These strong girls love adventure and make their mark in the world.


Media that inspires kids to dream big. (science, tech, engineering and maths books)


Figure out whodunit in fun mysteries for kids, tweens, and teens.

Chapter Books

Stay up to date on which books are climbing the charts. NYT Bestsellers

Educational Books

These smart reads are sure to get young brains cooking.

Books About Libraries

“Check out” this list of our favorite library tales.

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