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Title:What is a Passive House?

Author: E.Spellman & Associates

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The Internet, Online, 14/07/2016

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A Passive House combines high level comfort with very low energy consumption.  A Passive House makes efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery ventilation to such a standard that conventional heating systems are virtually rendered unnecessary.

A Passive House enjoys a comfortable temperature winter or summer and much higher air quality than traditional construction.

A Passive House is a healthier house that controls dust and pollen associated with hay fever and other allergies. A Passive House controls humidity, eliminates mould and condensation which is associated with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. A Passive House does not have a specific construction method and can be constructed from any construction materials, even concrete!

What is so special about a Passive House?

1. Exceptional high level of thermal insulation.
2. Well insulated window frames and triple low-e glazing.
3. Thermal Bridge free construction, requiring a high level of design and drawing detailing.
4. Airtight building envelope – no draughts.
5. Healthier air quality with highly efficient heat recovery ventilation.
6. Better building quality.

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