Android TV Boxes

Streaming TV is legal so if you have good wifi in your home you can save on Sky and pay once off for a box and have free tv. You don’t need a Smart TV, the box will turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV  all you need to make sure you have a HDMI port on your existing TV and 4 Meg download speed on your broadband.  Then just sit back and stream Movies, Box Sets, Live TV, Sports, Radio and Music from all over the world. It is recommended using either a Wireless Computer Mouse or an Air Mouse to navigate around the box.

 Android TV Box Home Screen

  • It is simple to navigate
  • Boxes are completely customizable  so you can add and remove apps
  • All of the favorites and shortcuts are at the bottom for easy access
  • In Settings is where you will hook up the Wifi/Ethernet

Whats powering the Android Boxes:

  • Quad Core Processor
  • Quad Core Mail-400
  • 1GB OR 2GB of RAM and 8GB of Flash Memory
  • KODI Pre-loaded with Add-ons

Easy to set up.

  • Simple plug & play configuration
  • Plug in the power, HDMI Cable & connect to your internet
  • There is no programming or initial setup required

It looks like a tablet: menu, icons and lots of apps. To open tap on icon.  Use the remote control provided but you will also need to purchase a wireless mouse to operate all the functions. There is a lot of services on this box so be prepared to spend some time getting used to navigating around the system. It is not as simple as our Sky menu.You have to download your channels live every time. I would find this very annoying. However, You don’t want a Sky bill, it is great as a money saving device or for kids bedrooms for endless entertainment.

Simple: plug it in, connect  to your wifi and stream tv channels and movies.
Free unlimited streaming.
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