How to Organize A Family Picnic

Title: How To Organize A Family Picnic

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The Internet, Online, 02/06/2016

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1.Select a weekend to have your picnic. ……

2.Make an inventory of family you’d like to invite…

3.Choose an appropriate location…..

4.Create an invitation …

5.Bring a picnic basket ….

6.Select the menu …..

7.Bring cookies because they are a popular dessert for picnics, as are cake and pie….

8.Remember that other food ideas might include Fried Chicken, Potato salad, coleslaw and pickles and Strawberry cake, blueberry pie, cheese spread with crackers, and grapes, which are great snacks for both kids and adults. Blueberry pie can easily be found frozen and ready to bake in your store’s bakery freezer section.

9.Organize fun games and activities for any kids or teenagers or anyone else that will be attending. Volleyball or soccer are also some great game options for picnic game beginners….

10.Make sure to have a good time and enjoy yourself with your family. After all, isn’t that what summer picnics are all about?

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