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Title: Kid Safe Search Sites ; Resources For School Librarians

Author: Linda Bertland

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The Internet, Online, 12/05/2016

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Subject Guides

Search Engines

Fun And Educational Sites

Web Safety & Media Reviews

Subject Indexes

A searchable web directory created by “a bunch of librarians” at the Ramapo Catskill Library System. No ads.
Great Sites for Kids
Directory of web sites for students, parents, and teachers compiled by the Association for Library Service for Children. No ads.
DK Findout
Search site with good information and excellent illustrations. There are also videos and information galleries. From Dorling Kindersley
There is a wide variety of topics such as art, history, animals, and fun stuff at this US government site. It includes links to both goverment and commercial web sites. No ads.
The Virtual Middle School Library
Directory of sites for middle school students and their teachers and parents. No ads.
An online almanac, encyclopedia, and dictionary. This site also has a daily almanac, breaking news, and fun stuff. Many ads.
Online dictionary, encyclopedia and almanac. Also homework help and some fun and games links. From Information Please. Many ads.
A rather limited number of sites, but the ones included are good ones. Ads.

Search Engines

This search engine is good if you want to avoid pornography and advertisements.
This search engine seems to be pornography free, but ads are the first listings in the search results and are also on the side of the results page.
Sweet Search
This is a search engine which searches sites which have been approved by researchers. The results screen is rather cluttered, and it is very easy to get directed to Finding Dulcinea which is the parent of the Sweet Search site. The reading level of the articles retrieved was rather high. No ads.

Fun and Educational Sites

Fun Brain
Lots of fun (and educational) games for students in grades K – 8. A few ads.
Enchanted Learning
Education, crafts, and games for the K-6 set. I only found one ad per page.
PBS Kids
Fun for the preschool set. No ads.
Pauly’s Playhouse
Fun games and activities for children ages 3 and up. No ads.

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