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IRC: Gender Strategy & Action Plan 2013-2020

Title: IRC: Gender Strategy & Action Plan 2013-2020 Author: Irish Research Council Full Text & Source: http://www.research.ie/sites/default/files/irish_research_council_gender_action_plan_2013_-2020.pdf The Internet, Online, 15/4/2016 Sample Text: Irish Research CouncilGender Strategy & Action Plan 2013–2020. Ensuring excellence and maximising creativity andinnovation in Irish Research … Continue reading

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Cookbooks Over 1 Million Recipes Online

Title: Recipes – Cookbooks.com Author:  Fundcraft Publishing Full Text & Source:http://www.cookbooks.com/cookbooks_recipes/search-recipes.asp The Internet, Online, 15/4/2016 Sample Text: Cookbooks.com is a subsidiary of Fundcraft Publishing. Cookbooks.com has been around since 1995. We’ve now developed a new, all-inclusive website about recipe cookbooks … Continue reading

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