The Hope Prayer #prayingforbrussels


Hope By Fr Liam Lawton


When a darkened sky surrounds me

And sets upon my life

and the greying mist still lingers

and haunts the coming night

Let me find hope

When the cry of hurts and sorrows

Still echo in my heart

And I cannot face the evening

And tomorrow is too far

Let me find hope

Let me find hope

In different form and guise

In the warm embrace of lovers

In a sign from listening eyes

In the silence of a stranger who utters not a word

But comes to walk beside me

And heart to heart reverbs

Let me find hope

In the trusting of a child

In the silent pride of parents

Or the rest of those retired

In hands that lift the weary

In fingers bent in prayer

Signs of resurrection

Devoid of all despair

Let me find hope

In the smallest simple ways

In the changing of the seasons

In the birthing in the clay

In dew that cleanses morning

In dusk that calms the day

Let me find hope

When children sleep contented

Far from fear and dread

And peace is no illusion

But spins a silver thread

Where you are waiting

Not far from Heavens edge

Let me find hope

Before my soul departs

Faith, hope and love

Your gift

To every hopeful heart.


With Love

From Ireland


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