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Chunky Tomato-Red Pepper Soup

Title:Chunky Tomato-Red Pepper Soup Author:Marian Cooper Cairns, Country Living Full Text & Source: http://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/recipes/a5798/chunky-tomato-red-pepper The Internet, Online, 16/2/2016 Sample Text: Feed a crowd with this bright, slightly piquant tomato and pepper soup. Total Time: 0:35 Prep: 0:18 Level: Easy Serves: … Continue reading

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Best-of-the-Rest Cookbooks

Title:Best-of-the-Rest Cookbooks Author: Cooking Light Full Text & Source:http://www.cookinglight.com/cooking-101/resources/best-of-the-rest-cookbooks The Internet, Online, 16/02/2016 Sample Text: Find our top picks for the best cookbooks, that simply don’t fit in our other categories. Top 8 Best-of-the-Rest Cookbooks After reading and testing hundreds … Continue reading

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