I love people I can be weird with. #creative souls


I love people I can be weird with!  “Dare to Differ!”

My friends are very creative but they do mad things: (Ha)

Dive off piers & swim in open sea. They swim all winter in open sea, even on Christmas Day and all funds they make are for local charities.

Have impromptu BBQs and have sing songs, playing the guitar on the beach, when the yellow thing in the sky appears!

Have poetry readings and creative writing groups. #hippydippycreativeones

We have painting parties! We help do up each others’ houses and gardens.

We do dinner parties! We cook meals and do Come Dine With Me and they is a prize for the best cooked meals.

But their hearts are in the right place and we are always there for one another. Some have been friends since schools, others from university or work!

“There are people who are generic. They make generic responses and they expect generic answers. They live inside a box and they think people who don’t fit into their box are weird. But I’ll tell you what, generic people are the weird people. They are like genetically-manipulated plants growing inside a laboratory, like indistinguishable faces, like droids. Like ignorance.” C. Joy Bell

“So you’re a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!”  Mandy Hale

“Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist’s career.” E.A. Bucchianeri

“I like weird. Conformity bores but is inescapable for the most part. We all follow something, even if it is following the goal of wanting to stand apart. We are a sea of ordinary people; it is always the quirk, the flaw or the ingenuity that stands out.” Donna L. Hope

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  1. Awesome! I Have friends like this too and they’re the best!


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