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Word processing software is not book writing software. It’s designed for creating business documents. While you can use Microsoft Word to write a book, it is stuffed with functions you don’t need (mail merge and drawing tools, anyone?). Yet all of those toolbars, ribbons and buttons still don’t give you the capabilities you really need.

Book writing software should make it easy for you and an editor to collaborate on the same document without being forced to send email attachments back and forth. You should be able to roll back changes not just to the last save, but all the way back to the moment you started working on your book. Because the death of a hard drive shouldn’t mean the death of your book, you should be able to write your book from any computer.

FastPencil’s Book Writer is free online book writing software. It makes the writing and collaboration seamless and fun, because everything you need is in one place, whether you’re writing your book alone or with a dozen colleagues. The Book Writer is designed for any text-heavy book, be it a novel, a memoir, a business book, a how-to, a history book, or a textbook.

Because it was developed explicitly as book writing software, the Book Writer also encourages good writing habits. The table of contents serves as an all-in-one outliner, navigation tool, and table of contents. Text formatting tools are uncluttered, and they stay right next to the text you’re editing. Document formatting is handled through sophisticated templates. Rather than hassle with style sheets and overrides, you can get down to writing, and make formatting decisions when you’re ready to publish.

Because the Book Writer is an integral part of the FastPencil publishing system, you can easily invite colleagues, friends, and family to review your work in progress. Their notes attach automatically to chapters. Contributors and editors can make changes to the same project without fear, because you can always compare and roll back changes if necessary. It’s the ultimate book collaboration tool.

To get started with the Book Writer, just sign up for FastPencil and select a project type.


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