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A new Irish literary boom: the post-crash stars of fiction

Title: A new Irish literary boom: the post-crash stars of fiction Author: Justin Jordan, The Guardian Full Text & Source: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/oct/17/new-irish-literary-boom-post-crash-stars-fiction The Internet, Online, 27/11/2015 Sample Text: Dynamic, radical, often female … Irish fiction is flourishing. Gone is the conservative … Continue reading

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Writers inspired by Achill Island

Title: Writers Inspired By Achill Island, Co.Mayo, Ireland Author:Achill Island 24/7 Full Text & Source:http://www.achill247.com/writers/index.html The Internet, Source, 27/11/2015 Sample Text: Writers inspired by Achill Island, Co Mayo, Ireland. Achill Island has long provided inspiration for writers including Graham Greene, … Continue reading

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