Top children’s toys for Christmas 2015: Argos reveals must-have gifts this season

Title:Top children’s toys for Christmas 2015: Argos reveals must-have gifts this season

Author: Kirstie McCrum, The Mirror Newspaper

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The Internet, Online, 23/11/2015

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From Frozen to Minions, Thunderbirds to Lego, the big popular brands are the ones to watch when it comes to Santa’s shopping list.

According to Argos , this year’s list of top children’s toys is dominated by the big and small screen, including Frozen , Thunderbirds, and a Tumbling Stuart toy inspired by blockbuster movie Minions.

Research revealed that almost 90% of children’s toy boxes across the country contain toys influenced by their favourite TV shows and films.

The predicted favourites include Lego City Deep Sea Exploration , Minions Tumbling Stuart , Nerf Modulus and Real FX , race cars with artificial intelligence.

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But many of the 13 toys on the list are similar to those that parents may have played with when they were younger.

With toys like Tracy Island, Lego and Barbie, 48 per cent of parents said they would be more likely to play and bond with their child, with 10 per cent wanting to play themselves.

Keith Chapman, creator of Bob the Builder and other children’s shows, said: “There is such a fantastic variety of toys on this year’s Top Toy list!

“With Thunderbirds already back on our screen and legacy characters like Minions, Lego and Barbie going from strength to strength it’s no surprise they dominate the list.

“Kids today want to bring to life their favourite characters, creating stories in their own homes and many of the toys on this year’s list allow them to do this.”

So here’s your shopping list for Christmas. (UK STG Prices)

  1. My Friend Freddy – soft bear with interactive games and activities, £39.99.
  2. Real FX – Race Cars with Artificial Intelligence, £99.99.
  3. Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island – using the latest in smart technology, £79.99.
  4. Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel – here to recover a shipwreck with treasure, £79.99.
  5. Pie Face – load the throwing arm with delicious squirty cream or a wet sponge and wait for the tension to build, £19.99.
  6. Chad Valley 3 Storey Summer Winter Dolls House – traditionally-styled wooden doll’s house, £149.99.
  7. Barbie Style Your Way House – the latest set from the most popular doll around, £99.99.
  8. Minions Tumbling Stuart – Stuart falls forwards and backwards but somehow makes it back to his feet, £49.99.
  9. Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa – the most popular ice maiden around will add a song to your heart, £39.99
  10. Little Live Pets Birds Clever Keet – your feathered friend who’s just like a real bird only smarter, £59.99
  11. Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Plays – a frosty playset for those with a sweet tooth, £19.99
  12. Nerf Modulus – a Nerf blaster with precision scope and shoulder stock, £59.99
  13. VTech Toot Drivers Super RC Raceway – with bright colours and loads of excitement, £99.99

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