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The Internet, Online, 20/11/2015

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PLAYOGRAPHY Ireland comprises two comprehensive online searchable databases: Irish Playography (all new professionally produced Irish plays written in English since the formation of the Abbey, Ireland’s National Theatre, in 1904) and Playography na Gaeilge (all new plays written and produced in the Irish language since 1901). 


PLAYOGRAPHY Ireland not only defines the Irish theatrical repertoire for the first time but also aims to revitalise that repertoire by reintroducing many lost scripts and providing a gateway for locating and clearing rights for a very large number of existing scripts. We are delighted to receive information from users where our own research has been unable to locate details on the holder of a play’s rights.  As PLAYOGRAPHY Ireland allows writers to attach downloadable versions of their unpublished plays to the database, it is also acts as an online script repository.

Irish Playography was launched in three phases: Phase I (1975 – 2003) following two and half years of extensive research; then Phase II (1950 – 2005) and finally Phase III (1904 – 1949) in July 2006. This database is updated on an on-going basis as each new Irish play written in English is premiered.

Playography na Gaeilge was also launched in phases: Phase I (1975 – 2009) in April 2010, and Phase II (1901 – 1974) in May 2011. This database is also updated on an ongoing basis.

PLAYOGRAPHYIreland’s two databases are complemented by analyses of their extensive contents. To date three Findings Reports are available for download via our Publications section (two of which are bi-lingual relating to Playography na Gaeilge).


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