PPS By Peter Sirr

Welcome 3755547K

your small head rests

in the arms of the State

your fingers are counted, your toes

registered, your cries

have found their way

to a vault of need, you’re

known, allowed for, admitted

though mysterious to us

and as yet unpersuaded

you drift and sway

and kick against the world

but listen

your breath moves in a far drawer

a number among numbers

you shift in your folder

you open your eyes

you fall through the letterbox

and climb the stairs

you float towards your basket

and gently surrender

ah 3755547K

recognised, acknowledged, filed,

let the complex systems

convince, sleep on the miracle

of your name spilling across the screen,

the long arms of the sun reaching in


About Author Annette J Dunlea Irish Writer

Irish Writer Website: http://ajdunlea.webs.com/ Twitter: @adunlea Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annettejdunleairishauthor
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